How To Earn Quickly With TOAN

thumbs125x125I am excited to have you join The Online Ad Network (TOAN). This is quite possibly the simplest program for anyone to get started with and begin earning quickly. Even if you have never earned a dime with online marketing in the past, all that can change because of your involvement with The Online Ad Network.

A quick note about spillover. As you know, there are no sponsoring requirements with The Online Ad Network. It is entirely possible that you could have a downline started by way of “spillover” from an aggressive upline builder.

But when folks ask me questions like, “How long will it take to start seeing some spillover? I have to start earning money right away!”, I have to laugh just a little bit. (If you want to see money “right away”, my recommendation is that you start promoting “right away”).

Yes… spillover does happen. And NO… I can’t tell anyone how quickly they should expect to see spillover from their upline.

With The Online Ad Network, you can earn one of two ways:

  1. CREATE Your Success
  2. WAIT for Your Success.

Option 1 means you are going to take personal responsibility for your success and create your income by referring others. Click Here to see some of our successful Affiliates and the results they have achieve, so far.

Option 2 simply requires that you be patient while you wait for someone else to create spillover from their efforts.

If you are truly serious about quickly building an income with The Online Ad Network, be sure to review the article “Power Of 3” for a powerful demonstration of a simple approach that can skyrocket your income.

Then begin doing all of the following as quickly as possible:

  1. Contact your existing fellow marketers, friends, and associates to tell them about The Online Ad Network. Give them your Affiliate URL. (No spamming)
  2. Reply to email ads that you receive with information about The Online Ad Network. Give them your Affiliate URL and let them know that if they are truly serious about building their business, they need to join you in The Online Ad Network right away!
  3. Participate in traffic exchanges with your Capture Page / Affiliate URL.
  4. Participate in Safelists and promote your Capture Page / Affiliate URL.
  5. If you have an ad budget, consider Solo Ads and Keyword Advertising.
  6. Participate in appropriate discussion forums where you can add your Affiliate link to your profile and posts.
  7. Share your Capture Page / Affiliate URL in your Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc…
  8. Ask your upline for advice. They are successful for a reason!

Be prepared to commit to your success. Spend 20 to 30 minutes a day replying to email offers, posting to safelists, surfing traffic exchanges, etc… The Online Ad Network is something that EVERY SINGLE ONLINE MARKETER NEEDS!

You can build a powerful income stream by letting them know about TOAN and keeping your focus on your primary business advertising.

Brian Rooney
The Online Ad Network

12 thoughts on “How To Earn Quickly With TOAN”

  1. I’ve been a subscriber to Trafficwave, the autoresponder service created by Brian Rooney, and I’ve built a nice income with it. The Online Ad Network (TOAN) is structured the same way from a “referral income” perspective … but here’s the cool thing about TOAN … with TOAN you literally don’t have to sponsor anyone to earn an income from spillover. Combine that with an upline that has an active marketing capability (see my signature link), and you have a formula for automatic income!

    Obviously, however, you will do better if you also do your own marketing … One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply post your banner ads and text ads on TOAN. Or you can use any of the proven marketing techniques revealed in the free “Online Marketing Strategies” digital magazine available at MarketingOnlineTechniques . com

  2. just letting you no that is not a ative site i tryed to go there and was not registering of haveing web hosting and that were our banners are showen. just thought let you no thank you for looking in to this

    • Hi, Jeff. We haven’t used in quite a long time. Your banners are being shown here on and other affiliated partner sites.

  3. This is one of those programs where you definitely get out more then what you put in. It is funny but I learned a long time ago if you wait for spillover you better like cheap hamburgers. Yes, you can get spillover and yes, it may be huge but while you are waiting for spillover you can make much more just by taking action daily as Brian says.
    I was one of those who a friend told me about TOAN and joined but was too busy to promote it. Huge mistake. That has been corrected and I am looking forward to it.

  4. This is a must-have program for marketers; not only you get an advertising platform with real human clicks but also a business that generate revenue by advertising itself. it can’t get better than that.


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