Effective Online Lead Generation

Strategies for effective online lead generation

thumbs125x125Are you serious about generating online leads for your business? You can achieve much higher results by mastering these strategies in your home based business.
Internet marketing now permeates virtually every industry in the world. Whether your business is online, offline, or a combination of the two, the internet provides a powerful tool to help you beat the competition.
Smart businesses are focusing more and more on mastering a few key strategies to help their business grow. Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Advertising, and Automated Followup Systems.
1. Organic SEO

The key to successful SEO is to create natural placement in the big search engine by blogging, writing articles, and a web site that solves a problem. Your web site or blog should provide real value to clients.

Your first goal is to provide real content and update your blog or articles consistently. If you can create completely original content, that’s even better. But you may want to borrow ideas and concepts from other sites that rank well on search engines. Don’t just copy the content, of course. Not only is copyright infringement illegal, your search engine results will inevitably suffer as a result.

Focus on providing a solution to your visitor’s problem before writing your articles or blog posts. Before you even begin writing your content, ask “Will this article help my visitors in some way?”. If the answer is “no”, don’t even start writing. When the answer is “yes”, create your content to demonstrate how your can help your visitors. Getting organic SEO results can be challenging and time consuming. Don’t be in a hurry. Be prepared to take some time. Learn a little bit each week and implement your new strategies a little bit at a time. The results can very very rewarding.

2. Advertising

Advertising is the simple act of exposing your offer to your prospects. There are countless advertising resources available including banner advertising, Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, and many other search engines. There are traffic exchanges, link exchanges, safelists, etc… There are countless free and paid resources available. One of my own personal favorites for online lead generation is right here at TheOnlineAdNetwork.com.

Your first step is to decide what it is you want to accomplish with your advertising. I like to focus on online lead generation so I always send any click-throughs I get from advertising directly to a capture page. The capture page is designed to show visitors how I can help them solve a problem. In my case, I show network marketers how they can increase their business via online lead generation strategies. I then offer to share free information in the form of a report that they can request by filling out a form with their name and email address.

Once they have filled out the form, they are in my database and will begin receiving my information. This brings me to the third strategy.

3. Automated Followup Systems

Getting people interested in your offer is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online lead generation. Your real success comes through effective followup strategies and this is where followup is critical. I use the TrafficWave.net AutoResponder system to capture leads from my advertising and then follow up with those leads. I’ve heard from new customers who subscribed to my lists over 3 years earlier. They continued receiving my information and when they were ready, they already felt comfortable doing business with me.

By focusing consistently on Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, and Followup strategies, you can begin building your business for long-term success with online lead generation.

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Brian Rooney is a home based business professional since the year 2000. He enjoys playing bass in the Houston area and teaching people around the world how to build their own home based businesses.

Find him online at http://iambrianrooney.com/