Curious About MLM?

curious about mlmAre you curious about MLM? Network marketing, Multi-Level marketing, MLM … these are all names used to describe a marketing structure used by companies as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

More and more people around the world are curious about mlm as they begin to wonder if they will have enough money to retire or even pay off debt.

Some people turn to mlm and network marketing as a way to supplement their income or even replace their traditional job incom.

Personally, I turned to the mlm industry as a way to be home with my kids and be involved in their lives rather than spending most of my time away from them on a traditional job.

Whatever your motivation, it makes sense to at least be curious about mlm and what it can do for you.

The idea behind mlm as a business model is to allow companies to generate sales by rewarding independent distributors for the sales they generate as well as the sales generated by other distributors they may refer to the company.

The heirarchy that results from this type of sales team structure results in multiple levels of sales reps.

These sales reps are typically independent contractors. They may be referred to as distributors, associates, dealers, consultants, etc… Their primary focus should always be to represent the company that provides the products or services being sold. These sales reprs are paid commissions based on the sales they personally generate as well as the sales generated throughout their sales team.

Typically, sales reps begin developing a customer base of individuals who will purchase the products or services directly from the company. The company handles all sales orders, tracking, deliverables, acounting, etc… Sales reps can also purchase product directly from the company and sell for retail profits to local consumers or users.

Network marketing provides an opportunity for individuals to start their own business for a relatively low cost of entry. Compared to traditional business start-up costs such as franchising or opening an brick and morter store, the cost of starting your own mlm business is virtually nothing.

The key to success in network marketing is for the serious entrepreneur to do their research thoroughly to pick a solid company with products for which there is a proven market already in existence. It is then up to that serious entrepreneur to research and apply sales strategies and techniques that will lead to their success.

This site is presented as a free resource to help established network marketing professionals and those just curious about mlm to research options, strategies, resources, and perhaps even find that next great opportunity.

About The Author: Brian Rooney is a home based business coach and professional musician in the Houston area.


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