Why We Celebrate The Success of Others in MLM

Have you ever wondered why we share success stories about other network marketers?

There are a few reasons, really.

They’ve worked on their business to achieve whatever level of success they are at.

Everybody likes a nice bit of recognition for their efforts!
Somehow, once you’ve tasted the freedom and joy of creating your own income, “Employee of the Month” just doesn’t get it any more!

People want to know: “Does this work?”
When you share success stories with your prospects, they begin to see, “Yes. This DOES work!”
While you are building your success story, you can share the successes of others with your prospects!

When you are able to celebrate the success of others, you are putting yourself in a place of feeling good about success, celebrating success, and ATTRACTING SUCCESS To You!

This is a big element to your own success. I know it can be pretty easy to become jaded. You hear about someone else’s success and you start to think things like, “Why not me?” or “Well, Sure THEY did it. The ALWAYS do well.” or “When Is It Going To Be My Turn?”.

Don’t let yourself fall in to that trap. The more you can acknoweldge, celebrate, and feel good about the success of anyone in this incredible industry of network marketing, the more you attract success to yourself.

What if you’re not a big personal fan of the successful person? That’s OK! Celebrate their achievements.

Remember: What You Think About, You Bring About!

If you get stuck thinking about how you don’t really care for that person, or they did something that upset you, or something you may have heard about them, that is the sort of thing you begin attracting to you.

But if you let yourself celebrate their achievements, their rewards, their accomplishments, then THAT is what you begin attracting to you.

Let’s try a quick experiment. This should take no more than a minute or two.

Click This Link to go to a page we have set up acknowledging our Top Earners.:
TOAN Top Income Earners

Take just a moment to really acknowledge their success in your mind. Think to yourself, or say out loud, “Congratulations to you! I look forward to joining you in this club of leaders and achievers!”.

Then, when you feel the gratitude of what you are saying or thinking, scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave a comment of your own to congratulate them on their success.

The goal is:

1) Truly congratulate their success.
2) FEEL GOOD about their success and your plans to join them.
3) Comment to WRITE DOWN your gratitude and your own intention to join them.

Then get in to action to greet the success you just attracted to yourself!

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney

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