Why I Advertise on Facebook

Facebook advertising is a hot topic. Some folks say it’s a waste of time. Some folks say it works. Some folks say they hate seeing ads on their Facebook pages. Others find Facebook ads to be helpful.

BrianRooneyPersonally, I have seen some helpful ads on my Facebook page and I’ve seen some that make me scratch my head. That’s pretty much how it works across the board. It’s no different for television ads. I think some are great. I think some are annoying. And I still watch TV. I still use Facebook, too.

Like most folks, I use Facebook for a few reasons. I enjoy being able to keep up with friends, family, past relationships, new relationships, etc… I like talking with my fellow musicians and fellow entrepreneurs. I like letting folks know where I am playing next with a local band. I also use Facebook to do some business. I may be chatting with distributors, answering questions, etc… and I … wait for it … Advertise on Facebook.

Why do I advertise on Facebook? Facebook has 1.23 Billion users.

That pretty well sums it up for me. I want to reach people so I can do more business. A lot of people are right there on Facebook. Are they all potential customers? No. But a lot of them certainly are. So I put some of my advertising budget in to action going after those folks that fit my customer profile. When they are on Facebook, some of them see my ads. And some of those click my ads. Then they join my lists and we start the follow up process.

When considering where you should advertise, ask this question: “Are my potential customers there?” If they are, look at adding that resource to your advertising.