There Simply Is No Excuse

I see it every day …

BrianRooneyThe same person that wakes up crazy early to fight rush hour traffic, work 8 hours to create wealth for someone else, fights evening traffic to go home and do it all over again the next day says things like “I don’t have time to watch videos, attend webinars, get on conference calls, go to trainings, etc… ” to learn how to create their own wealth but will continue to spend all that time to create wealth for someone else.

Then you see someone that goes through that same rush hour – 8 hours – traffic jam and goes home and MAKES time to watch videos, attend webinars, get on calls, go to training events, etc… and through applying the information they learn is able to end that rush hour – 8 hours – traffic jam cycle. 

They pay the price.

They get the results.

Then some goofball tells them, “Well, yeah … it’s easy for you. You’re already successful. You just don’t understand what it’s like out here.”

They are successful because they paid the price and got it done!

Want the results? Pay the price. Go through the process.

When I started my home based business journey, I was BROKE as a joke. I had MULTIPLE jobs and 5 kids to feed. That’s 5 kids eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every single day along with mom and dad!

I would work all day. I would play music at night. I would clean boats on the weekend. At night, I would study like crazy. There were times I wouldn’t sleep for 3 days straight because the sun came up while I was learning stuff and I had to go back to my job.

Then … my business started to grow.

I started firing bosses.

Today, when someone tells me “You just don’t understand what it’s like. I have a job and 2 kids. How am I supposed to learn this stuff?!?”. I just have to chuckle.

If you really want to figure it out, you’ll make time. You’ll skip sleep. You’ll skip TV shows, naps, whatever it takes because it is that important to you.

When someone tells me they really want it but they also tell me they “can’t” take the time to learn, read, watch …. our conversation is over.