The Role of Patience in Network Marketing

Patience In Network Marketing

patience in network marketingI’ve noticed a disturbing trend among folks that call themselves “network marketers”. Somewhere along the line, people are starting to get the expectation that network marketing, whether done online or offline, is a matter of opening an account with some flashy program and then just waiting for the money to come rolling in hand over fist. These are the same people that bounce from one program to another, trying this one, trying that one, and never sticking with any of them long enough to actually learn how to succeed.

They read an article or see a video of someone that seems to be experiencing quick success and think, “I’ll be rich in 30 days! All I have to do is sign up with this ‘guru’!”.

Then, when the riches don’t sweep them out of their living room in 30 to 90 days, they are off looking for another “program”. They blame the company. They blame the compensation plan. They blame their upline. But no matter what company they join, their results are always the same. It’s time to realize that if you have joined opportunity after opportunity and you haven’t succeeded with any of them, the common denominator is YOU!

Listen, there are people out there that are able to generate an income very quickly in network marketing. Companies love to share those stories with us. They’re exciting and they intentionally get us all pumped up.

What you may not be considering is the rest of the story. That person that is now a multimillionaire may have been bankrupt a few years ago. These same people have usually spent a lot of years building a solid reputation, generating their marketing lists, developing their skill sets, working on their own personal development, and establishing their credibility. What you see, now, is that they are able to quickly tap in to a large network that they have probably built over the past several years. This is why patience in network marketing pays off.

It may have taken them 10 years or more to get to the point that they now seem like an overnight success story.

The problem that I’m seeing comes in to play when a complete rookie signs up for a network marketing company and then thinks they are going to be able to, all-of-a-sudden, start generating wads of cash overnight. They typically have no marketing experience, no list, no credibility, no successful track record and they seem really confused when their bank doesn’t call them to ask what to do with the hundreds of thousands of new dollars that just  magically appeared in their bank account.

It’s Time To Wake Up!

Success in network marketing comes down to following a few proven success principles consistently over time.

If you are new to the industry …
If you have never made more than $20,000 – $30,000 a year …
If you have never generated more than a few hundred dollars per month in any business opportunity …

You need to understand that there is going to be some time involved before you should expect to see a ton of money coming in. You’ve got some new things to learn. And that’s OK! The right upline can teach you a proven system to help you reduce the time required to learn but you are absolutely going to have to learn some new things if you want new results in your life!

No matter which company you join (provided you have joined a legitimate company), you are going to need to learn and implement the skills, tools, and techniques being used by the successful people in the industry.

Success can be influenced by things like timing, the right opportunity, a great product, etc…

Ultimately, your success will always come down to YOU making a solid and consistent commitment to take the right actions in the right ways over time.

I have seen people sign up for a network marketing opportunity, give it a month or two and then just quit. They say things like “It just didn’t work for me” or “I gave it my best shot” or “I”m just not cut out for this stuff”. They quit instead of commit to learning what it is they are missing.

I’ve also seen that same person’s downline seem to explode because someone else that was on that same team decided to learn and apply the skills required to succeed! If the person that quit had just been a little more patient and taken the time to learn some new skills, their income would have exploded, too!

Time For Some Truth Talk:

If you are thinking things like, “Well, I’ll give it a try” or “Let’s see what happens” or “I hope this thing works” … you are setting yourself up for failure.

There is plenty of evidence. We have no shortage of stories, testimonials, and documented evidence to indicate that success in network marketing is absolutely possible.

The decision you have to make is whether or not you can commit to doing whatever is necessary to create that sort of success for yourself. That sort of commitment requires a “never quit … no matter what” attitude. Your commitment to yourself and your own success will determine how far you go in this industry.

I’ve seen people with multiple college degrees do well in this industry.

I’ve seen people with no more than an elementary school education level do well in this industry.

I’ve never seen anyone actually fail in this industry. They either succeed or they quit.

Network marketing is the great equalizer. The variable is you. How dedicated are you to your own success? Commit to making it happen.

Patience In Network Marketing: The results are well worth it!

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58 thoughts on “The Role of Patience in Network Marketing”

  1. Hi Brian,

    I am using your TOAN system and getting lots of hits to my websites. Thank you. About your article. You have hit the nail on the head to never ever quit! Patience is definitely required to succeed in Network Marketing and upgrading your mindset one needs to read articles like yours, and take notice of what it is you are actually saying. You are saying you need to learn new skills to earn. You need to work and work on your skill sets whether they are email marketing, list building, and each small improvement over time is huge such as having determination and you start seeing little results. Then BAM bigger results, just 10x your right efforts to get bigger results. Thanks again.

  2. Excellent article Brian. One of the first things I tell my clients is that this is a business and it will take you at least 3-6 months to learn what you need to start making an income. It will not be get rich quick, but if you work at learning and implementing what you learn you can build a nice income from home. Set the right expectations from the start 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great post Brian. I am definitely going to refer people to this on my blog and I will probably even send an email out to my team. The biggest problem I have is people quitting after one or two months. They just don’t understand the realities of network marketing or any online business. It takes time to learn everything and build it up. If they would just stick with it, they would make it work.

  4. Brian I think you have covered it. It’s not magic, it’s not instant, but it can be done. And the time freedom, the freedom to be where you want to be when you want to be (once things get rolling) is such a big incentive for me.

  5. I have realized what you just described about a month ago. After reading this you just explained me to a tee.
    But no more! I am sticking to what I am doing now no matter how long it takes. Good read.


  6. Brian right on, I hope this post gets read by many. It is an up hill battle to try and educate individuals that it takes time and effort to build a long term business whether it be online or a brick mortar one. The Internet provides a great opportunity and at the same time also gives an fantasy impression of over night success.

  7. Probably true, but it sure is tough to try marketing for months and still not see any results. I have paid for hits, bought into ad coops, tried almost everything, and still I am not making any significant income.

    Wish you guys would tell us the whole story, not just get us to sign up for this or that ad network, get lots of hits and traffic, but no results.

    What am I missing?

    Frustrated marketer

    • Hi, “Frustrated”.

      The whole story will vary based upon your offer and how your offer is presented.

      Knowing your market and making sure your landing page appeals to your market is a big step. I saw some landing pages today that were absolutely awful. There was no headline (literally) … no ad copy … no benefit … and no call to action. Just a form for people to fill out.

      Problem was, any visitors wouldn’t know why they were filling out the form.

      Your landing page has to capture your visitor’s attention and compel them to take action.

      Any good ad network is going to do one thing: bring visitors to your offer page. From there, your offer page has to be compelling enough to get that visitor to take the desired action.

  8. Brian thank you for saying what has needed to be said for a long time. I’ve been in network marketing for several years and had little success in the beginning because I was a “brand newbie” to this industry and didn’t know any better. Then when I did finally have success with people joining the program I was showing them. I’d send them a welcome email to find they wouldn’t reply only because they were sitting back expecting the big pay check the company site promised they would make. They would sit and sit and sit … not respond to my messages … then finally quit out of frustration because they didn’t make the kind of money that particular company promised they would make. That left me … ready to quit myself!

    I didn’t … am still here today and have learned to make it very clear to my prospects … in this business you will succeed only if you have the motivation, drive and are willing to make sure you take the daily action to work your business and communicate with those around you. I’ve even told some “I don’t want your money if you are not willing to take the Daily Action that’s necessary for you to make money!” … Their response … “I’ll have a look and call you tomorrow” … When the phone didn’t ring … I knew they were not cut out to work with me. … NEXT.

    I am one of your TOAN members and fall under Louis’ team … my downline has gotten together and have started a teambuilding opportunity to help our downline learn how to market, and communicate with others to succeed in this business. You’ll see us around … we are TOAN TNT Team and are loving the product and opportunity you have put in front of us.

    Thanks again for your post.
    Dawn McIntyre

    • Looks like you’ve learned a lot, Dawn. I’m very happy for you and look forward to your continued success in this amazing industry.

  9. That’s what I have been trying to put across to everyone I meet or refer into my business opportunities. I do test several programs, but most people will notice that I focus on a few.

    This is typically because I understand the mindset of the majority (maybe the so called 98%) and try to cater for it and bring them around to the right way of thinking, while enabling them to achieve even a small degree of success – that elusive first sale or referral.

    If you don’t mind I would like to quote you and use this excellent post as a motivational aid for my team. This will hopefully put them in the right frame of mind for success.

    Thank You Brian

  10. Brian – Excellent post. I wrote an article on my blog that covered some similar points. The title of that post was – buying a solution to your debt problem. I have people all across the country calling me everyday and I actually talk some of them out of joining my opportunity. They are already in a rock solid company and want to quit and join one of my offers. This is a big red flag! I give them a valuable market course on blogging and tell them to come back when they have the skills and desire to see something through. You are right, nobody has ever failed at network marking. They quit!

  11. That is all true Brian,

    After 26 years in the industry on and off I agree completely. Even in 30 to 90 days most people don’t even learn the basics of what their chosen company has to offer and how the compensation plan works.

    Most people mistakenly confuse the compensation plan by calling it the marketing plan. The first is how you get paid in percentages per level and bonuses etc. The second is how you would go about marketing and advertising to drive traffic to your offer. With any business your success comes down to how many people you show the plan to. In the offline world that means Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines and other forms of advertising to get people into your store. On the internet that means driving Traffic to your squeeze page or to make a phone call. The more you Advertise and Market, the more Traffic you’ll get and ultimately the more success you will have; meaning money! On the internet Traffic is King.

    All You need to do for us at this point Brian is keep the company open forever! Then the rest of us can comfortably take the time needed to build a solid business.

    All we need to do is drive traffic and teach others to do as we do consistently until they achieve their goals. It is also our job to remain realistic with our prospects and interview them as if they are joining us for a lifetime job. Because, if you want lifetime residual income you need lifetime workers! At least in the beginning…

  12. Excellent post. Could I use it on my blog and crediting you for it as well? I think it is a must have for my readers.

    I look forward to your response soon.


  13. Oh Boy reading your outstanding blog post…I saw myself over the years. I am like
    the poster child for running from program to program…but I finally
    learned. Patience is truly a virtue and in network marketing it is probably the most important along with commitment of time, effort and willingness to learn.

    Thanks for calling my attention to this post Brian with your most timely email.

  14. Hey Brian. Thanks for your great encouragement,as I was one of those marketers who jump from program to another but not anymore as I will be sticking to my long term plan with my 3 programs that will give residual income Thanks keep up this fantastic blog.

    Thanks again Leslie

  15. Hi Brian I’ll admit that I’ve been doing too much of that myself but I am getting the hang of it finally. I have only just started using TOAN. So I’m looking forward to getting the kind of results I see others are getting.

  16. Great article, Brian. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I was once like that, jumping from one program to another. Never focusing my full effort on one program but only giving less than 10% to each program and getting nil result. But I’ve learned that focus produces result. Amazing result. Without the ever famous auto-responder as tool to get leads, I still managed to get leads in my back office of my primary business. I wonder what magnificent result I would get by having that tool. Yea I know I must sign up with soon!

    By the way, I have shared this wonderful article in my blog dedicated to newbies titled My Advice To Newbies Who Wants To Do Internet Marketing (IM). I believe your article will be an eye-opener to all the people who only got started in online business.

  17. Great post Brian! I actually noticed this post from the forums on SFI with you credited as the mentor and though hmm…I’ve got to find out who wrote this awesome article/blog!

    With your permission of course, I’d love to share this on my blog with all credits due to you of course. Would that be okay with you? Again, awesome points made here. Hope to hear back from you soon.


  18. Hi Brian,
    It needed saying and you said it, well done and well written! They say that “Patience is a virtue” but it is a sad fact that many online marketers are not particularly “virtuous” Many years ago in Australia I knew a lady who ran a foster home for wayward children. She had anything from 6 to 26 children to look after and had a big sign in red letters hanging on her kitchen wall. It said “Lord give me PATIENCE, but I WANT IT NOW!
    She actually had the patience of a Saint and made a very good home for those
    I have to confess, I too used to move from program to program looking for that promised overnight riches but have now learned the error of my ways.
    Someone once said “There’s no such thing as a free meal” and that applies online as well as off!

    Keith Darby

  19. It’s difficult to sell the dream of financial freedom without having to resort to gimmicky ’30 – 90 day” solution to all your money worry plans. Nice article.

    • But if you truly want to build the reality of financial success, become and look for leaders that teach people the real keys to success. All these 30 – 90 day wonders inevitably fade away.

  20. Hi Brain,

    Well said, You sure have the ability to explain things.
    Your post tells it like it is. KI wish I knew what I could do to get people to understand.

    I thank you for your great articulates and your determination to help people built thier businesses.

    Sincerely, God Bless,

    Richard Hefter


    A retired tool and die maker. Learning the MLM trade.

  21. Great post, this is true for me I have come to understand this.When i first started I was sold on getting rich fast now I understand building relationships building list and creating assets.


  22. Once again another Great post Brian!

    Very informative piece of writing for Networker’s and the understand of how to be patience with the program you’re affiliate with!



  23. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for sending me this ariticle. You hit the nail on the head. I have to admit that I was one of those people that would get real frustrated when I didn’t see any quick results from my efforts. You really need to change your mindset and keep telling yourself success is not a sprint but a marathon. I have learned that the most important thing you need to do before you can even think about making any kind of money is build a list of responsive prospects. If you don’t start with your foundation first, then your house will never get built! You will continue to keep spinning your wheels with this program and that program, but will never go anywhere.

    Thank you again for sending me this and I hope it will be okay with you if I send this article out to the list that I am growing, with, of course, giving you all of the credit.

    By the way, I am a member of TOAN and am getting great results with it and also love
    the ease and reliability of TrafficWave.

    Super Job!

    Lee B.

  24. I have a confession to make. This is my third attempt at TrafficWave …I have now joined TrafficWave and Toan. It has taken me a long time to ‘grow-up’ in terms of Internet Marketing.

    The big difference now between my past marketing efforts and now… is my focus and the unwillingness to be distracted by the next ‘shiny object’ and the importance of focusing on the fundamentals everyday… then following through on them. As long as I do that my success is as certain as night following day.

    All my failures have essentially been a slow upward learning curve; that has led me to the point of being confident in my ability. Through all my failure I kept being drawn back to TrafficWave… and now I am determined to give it my best.

  25. Another Great Post Brian!

    Since I joined TOAN (I’m already in TrafficWave) your emails and blog posts seem to
    come at exactly the right time to remind me, help me and push me forward!

    Kudos to you for being there for your teams.

    I, too will be linking to your article with a blog post using your excellent advice and encouragement.

    Thanks again Brian

    Sue Collier

  26. Thank you Brian for this motivational post. yes, I think we all fall in that type of hype especially when you are new, looking for that quick opportunity. I have learn during my failures about patience and being committed. There is not an easy road if you want something to happen. I have reflect and educated myself to stay consistent and to grasp all the knowledge I can, to educate myself so I could transfer that same education and help others not to make the same mistake.
    I have lost plenty of down line members over the years, due probably because I could not have transfer the right knowledge or maybe they wanted something for nothing.
    In either case, plenty have call made insisting that the plan don’t work.
    Brian, Thank you again, I will be using this subject at all times now, with the hope that those people will get the principal about getting involve in network marketing.
    I could it not explain it much better.
    Thank you for your time sharing your knowledge.
    Andres Amador

  27. How very true. I have been guilty of this myself but have seen the light and am working diligently & daily using Toan & TW.

  28. Thank you it was worth reading it.
    Of course it comes to our selfs to learn to work with all this stuff.
    Have been a long time into some sites and keep it running like that for years now.
    Cant say im fortunate in building my downline but patience is a good thing to have when it comes to marketing and try to convince others to follow.
    Now with some good help from experienced people i see some results but not expecting this to explode over some days. there is a little word we use in the northsea when things get stuck.
    Remember the 3 tees… It stands for Things Takes Time. A funny thing but so thrue.
    Thanks again for letting the truth out.
    A little excuse for my english but i hope it works.

  29. So true Brian ! I am saying about the same every day since a long time to all my team.
    I will share your post again and again. Patience-Understanding and being dedicated are the keys to start making money ! ( be nice with my English )

  30. Great post Brian. That described me to a T up until
    the first of the year. But that’s ok, I feel I am
    in a good place now and with the help of you and
    your associates at 7k and OG I will get there.
    Your right, patience is everything in this business.

    Thank you

  31. So very true Brian. This article sums it up. For those who are not skilled at marketing I suggest they team up with a good group if you want to earn money.
    The odds are against individuals out there. So many opportunities, and so few of good programs. One needs to be mentored correctly to be effective with marketing online or expect defeat again and again. Far better to team up and not be taken for ride your going to regret. The “get rich overnight” mentality has to be driven out of the mlm thought process. This is what causes so many to jump ship even before it leaves port.

  32. Hi Brian I love this blog post it is so true that so many programs today are promising a get rich quick promise and are not even close to it and people quit because they expect to make thousands of dollars in 10days :). But that it not right you must learn to be patient that is one of the fruits of the spirit. the word of God says that we will reap a harvest of blessings if we faint not. I thank the Lord for TOAN, and the 7k Team system I;m here to stay thanks much for the work you do to help people become successful.

  33. I’m glad you continue repeating this post Brian. People need to be reminded from time to time about the importance of patience. You have to have patience in this business. I’m going now where, no matter how long it takes me to build. Thank you.


  34. That makes sense what you say but applying is dificult for someone who does not understand English properly .

    see you soon



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