Online Network Marketing – Does It Work?

I’ve made my living in the Online Network Marketing arena since 2000. I don’t say that to impress anyone but I do want to be clear that my lessons, successes, and failures come from my real world experiences. I’m not making my money selling books about  how to do it. I’m just doing it. Sometimes, that means I’m busy doing it wrong when I make mistakes. But I learn from those mistakes and I just keep moving forward.

The network marketing world seems to be separated in to two different camps: Online Network Marketing and Offline Network Marketing. The funny thing is that each  camp feels they are the ones doing it “right” and the other camp is somehow doing it “wrong”. From where I sit, both camps are doing the same thing. Frankly, I work online and offline. For me, it’s all about communicating and sorting and then communicating some more.

When I’m face to face with someone, it’s pretty simple to get in to the standard “What sort of work do you do?” conversations. So that’s an example of how I will do some offline network marketing. I’m simply talking to other humans. Sometimes, they want to know more. Sometimes, they don’t.

Online network marketing, for me, is simply a matter of promoting my offers and information where potential prospects might be. This blog is a good example. Folks visit this blog looking for information about network marketing, home based business, working from home, etc… They may be looking to start a home based business or they may already have a home based business and they came here looking for information to help them grow their business.

Each of our advertisers is simply making information available. As folks become interested in learning more, they can click the ad where they are taken to a web site, capture page, blog, etc… to get information, contact the advertiser for more details, etc..

Both methods are effective when done properly. When I am asked which method I think is better, my answer is always: “Which ever one you will actually DO and learn to master.”. If you are scared to death to talk to people, break out in to a sweat when asked about your business, and would rather get punched in the gut than do a face to face presentation, it makes sense for you to adopt some online network marketing strategies such as capture pages, autoresponder follow ups, video presentations, etc… If you are a real people person and have no problem talking to people, then offline network marketing strategies are probably a good fit for you. In my opinion, the smart move is to utilize both approaches.


No matter where you are, what you  are doing, what time it is, etc… your online strategies can be working for you to generate new prospects, follow up with those prospects, get you new customers, and introduce you to more potentially profitable team members. And when you are doing your offline prospecting, you are able to benefit from your winning personality, conversation skills, and willingness to help and mentor new team members. It can be the “best of both worlds” when done properly.

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Brian Rooney is a home based business professional since the year 2000. He enjoys playing bass in the Houston area and teaching people around the world how to build their own home based businesses.

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