MLM Training Can Make The Difference

mlm trainingMLM Training can mean the difference between success and failure. Make sure you get the right information to build your business strong. And then … follow through.

Building a successful mlm business is challenging. Those “overnight success stories” we all like to hear about don’t usually talk about the years spent working in obscurity long before the real success kicked in. Network marketing is a great way to make a living. It requires work and that work can pay off for many years long after the initial work is done. But how to you become successful? You need to make sure you are getting the right mlm training to build your business strong.

Where and how do you find the right mlm training? Something I heard years ago from a very successful network marketing leader was:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

While that has a bit of a “Jedi” feel to it, there is some truth to this statement. Real network marketing leaders are being pursued by students who want to learn the “secrets to success”. I had this same leader tell me, “Don’t spend time on those who want it. Spend time on those who earn it.“.

Sounds mean, right? Everybody wants it! And, that’s the problem. Everybody WANTS to be successful but far too few are willing to do what it actually takes to create success.

In my own experience, I have seen a LOT of people tell me, email me, message me, call me, to tell me that they want success. They ask if I can help. I give them a set of things to read and do. I invite them to attend personal training and presentation sessions. If they can’t attend in person, they can usually catch a recorded version of the training.

In most cases, they don’t read the information, don’t watch the videos, don’t do what I instructed, and then … quit and say it was because I wouldn’t help them.

It is not my intent to complain. This is simply a reality of our business. When you find someone who have proven themselves to be a leader with results, and they tell you, “To get the results I get, you will want to do these things…. ” you have to decide if you are ready to do what it took to get that same level of success in your own business.


There is a story from Earl Nightingale that really bring this home for me:

“A young woman pianist once gave a performance to a large group of women. Afterward, a woman approached her and told her she’d ‘give anything to play like you do.’

The pianist looked up from the keys and said ‘Oh no you wouldn’t!’

As you can imagine a hush fell over the group and the woman squirmed with embarrassment. Again she repeated, ‘I would, too, give anything to play the piano as you do.’

The pianist shook her head, ‘No, you wouldn’t.. If you would, you could play as well as I do, possibly better, possibly a little worse. You’d give anything to play as I do except time… except the one thing it takes. You wouldn’t sit and practice, hour after hour, day after day, year after year.’ Then she smiled brightly, ‘I’m not criticizing. I’m just telling you that when you say you’d give anything to play as I do, you really don’t mean it. You really don’t mean it at all.’

People are forever saying ‘I’d give anything…’ but the fact remains that they don’t, they give very little, often nothing, to do the things they say they would give anything to do..”

So, while all of this can seem “mean” or “rude”, ask yourself if you are truly ready to pursue MLM Training to help you build your business. If you are, contact your upline. If they are serious, they can point you in the right direction. Makes sure they have the results you are looking for. If they do, make the decision to follow their training.

You can also get excellent training from any number of audio books, CD’s, DVD’s videos, etc…

Personally, I’ve learned a great deal from professionals like Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, David Imonitie, and many others well established professionals in our industry.

I wish you tremendous success in your journey.


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