Is College a Scam?

BrianRooneyRecently, I met a young man who had passed medical school, had reportedly done well on his MCAT, and was not able to land an internship. At this point, he is waiting tables at a restaurant and struggling to pay of a student loan of close to $500,000!

When I asked him how in the world something like that can happen, his explanation was … sobering … and then shocking.

He said, “When I graduated, I was part of a graduating class that included 45,000 candidates that all scored well enough on their MCAT’s. There were only 18,000 internships available. That means that of those 45,000 graduates, 27,000 of us had no chance at landing that much needed internship. This was in addition to the more than 20,000 candidates who had graduated the year before and were still looking for an internship!

He then went on to explain how they didn’t tell him any of this when he was applying for the student loan package.

He’s not alone. Many college graduates are now desperately searching for employment so they can make those student loan payments. They didn’t receive “full disclosure” that the actual job opportunities in their related field of study may not even exist when they graduate!

With so many people applying for, receiving, and then graduating with massive student loans and having little to no possibility of landing a job in their related field of study, I find myself asking:

Is College a Scam? What are your thoughts?


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