Which Would You Choose? Why?

The choices we make shape our lives. Most of us go through life thinking we don’t have choices that are right in front of us. Here are things we absolutely KNOW happen:

  • Businesses Fail.
  • Companies Go Under.
  • Great Employees Get Sent Home.
  • Stock Options Disappear.
  • Retirement Benefits Get Wiped Out.

These things happen all the time. The so-called “stable job” doesn’t seem to exist any more. The days of hoping for a solid career that will last 40 years with benefits is pretty much an idea whose time has completely come and gone.

We don’t get to choose these things. They are a fact of life for all of us in this day and age. But we do have choices in how we go through our own life decisions, including our income for now and our future.

When companies fail, many employees are devastated. Events like massive corporate failures, layoffs, downsizing, etc… paint a pretty dismal picture of the financial devastation, greed, corruption, etc… that take place. And the news media will get a lot of miles out of those stories.

But there is always another side for some of those employees. Some employees actually use such events as a catalyst to create a new business or to partner up with a business.

So we have choices to make. The way I see it, our options come down to two possibilities:

Option 1: Keep running on the job hamster wheel. Understand that lay-offs, downsizing, and becoming obsolete or “over qualified” will be part of the deal. Hope you can stay on that treadmill long enough to reach a point in your life that you will no longer be able to work (forced retirement or obsolescence) and then try to figure out how to sustain life on whatever saving and retirement income you may have coming in.

Option 2: Start some sort of side project like a home based business and at least have the opportunity to set some money aside for your future, leave something for the kids, create a lifestyle that doesn’t include constant financial stress, or maybe … just maybe … create some real financial freedom for yourself and future generations.

Neither has guarantees. In my opinion, Option 2 has a possibility of success.

Which would you choose? And Why?


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1 thought on “Which Would You Choose? Why?”

  1. Out of necessity, I think most people need to choose option 3 … that is “both options 1 & 2” … Many people don’t know how to start their own business, and they don’t have the money to support themselves while they figure it out. Obviously, there are ways around this, but most people head straight to a job first.

    They just shouldn’t stop there … Jobs are great if you (1) make enough money to enjoy the lifestyle you really want, (2) have great bosses, (3) don’t mind paying high taxes, (4) love what you do, and (5) aren’t subject to risks including economic slowdowns, politics, competition, etc. Anybody out there have that kind of job … where you don’t actually own the business?

    Once you get a job, you can lower taxes and make more money if you start a side business. If you make enough from your side business, you can then jettison the job if you want … but if you don’t have the side business, you’re stuck with a job (or unemployment).

    Fortunately, creating a side business is much easier now that the Internet is omnipresent. A business such as Trafficwave or The Online Ad Network (TOAN) is perfect since they both support any business you have … as well as other businesses. If you have a business, you need to be online … If you’re online, you need an autoresponder (e.g., Trafficwave) and you need online advertising (e.g., TOAN). I joined Trafficwave more than 10 years ago, because I needed an autoresponder for my online business, but I also used my “Traffic Wave Money Maker System” (see signature link for more info) to increase my Trafficwave income and help other businesses at the same time.

    Given a chance, I believe most people would prefer to “own” a profitable business, but in most cases, they need to start with a job … even if it’s to get information and experience to start and run their own business.

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