Why You Should Keep Advertising

I was recently asked why I keep running ads.

BrianRooneyThe person asking had the impression that I was so “successful”, I shouldn’t have to keep running ads, doing promotions, presenting webinars, etc…

I asked them, “Why do you keep putting gas in your car? Didn’t you fill it up already and get to where you needed to go?”. Why do airplanes keep adding fuel to their tanks when they land? Why do we keep eating multiple times per day?

The person that asked me just said, “Yeah. That makes sense.”

There is no such thing as a company that doesn’t need to advertise. Agree or Disagree?


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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep Advertising”

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  2. You can’t hide you light under a basket and expect to have it seen :). Advertising is my biggest challenge, only because I get sidetracked with other things, but am quickly reminded of that when I’m not seeing results. i.e. I did a FB post and with in 2 hrs had a response and a new prospect that joined my campaign!! I was excited!
    It’s boring but it works when you work it!

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