Unlimited Ads Definition

work from homeWith The Online Ad Network (TOAN), our goal is to provide you with a powerful advertising system that allows you to run and track your ads for maximum impact. We have not been putting a hard limit on the number of ads an advertiser can run so that you will be able to conduct split-run testing to make sure you are getting the most advertising bang for your dollar.

Unfortunately we have run across some advertisers who have made a point of running thousands of duplicate ads which causes a number of problems for us and our other advertisers.

Our unlimited ads policy applies to unique ads. We no longer allow duplicate ads in the system.

While we recognize that this may be undesirable for some advertisers, we want to stress that the reason for this change is to help you make sure your advertising is genuinely effective. Running 1,000 duplicate ads gives you virtually zero chance of fine-tuning your ads for maximum effect and slows down our servers. The loss of efficiency and lack of meaningful stats is a bad trade for us and for our advertisers. Running hundreds or thousands of duplicate ineffective ads also creates a lower quality experience for our web site visitors.

We anticipate this change will affect very few of our advertisers as most advertisers do not waste their time loading hundreds or even thousands of duplicate ads. If you have any questions, do feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket in your back office.

We are in the process of locating and removing duplicate ads from the system. In those cases where duplicate ads are found, we will remove all duplicates and retain only the ad that has click-throughs for your reporting.

To  make the most of your advertising, be sure to run split-run tests to determine your best possible ad version.


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