You Lost a Friend To Network Marketing?

Your Friend Joined One Of Those Network Marketing Deals?

network marketingHey, we’ve all been there. We’ve lost a friend to network marketing. You think things are going along fine. You and your friends meet up together after work and you complain about your boss, your job, your pay … You have a few drinks together and you really “relate” to each other. You’ll do it all over again the next day, and this is your good friend. You “get” each other. And then … it happens.

Your friend joins one of those mlm deals …. a network marketing company… a direct sales company.

Everybody knows those things are scams, right? I mean, sure, the Direct Selling Association reported $28 billion in revenue from direct sales companies in 2010 and a steady rise with 2015 numbers being reported at $36 billion. But everybody knows those things don’t work, right?

What could your friend possibly be thinking? I mean, sure …. they probably went to one of those parties held by an old school friend’s second cousin, and … yeah … maybe there is some potential to create some income. But, we’ve all heard of those people that did one of those network marketing deals, and we all just KNOW those are pyramid schemes (even though most us couldn’t actually describe a pyramid scheme to someone else). We all have that uncle who did “one of those deals” and it didn’t work. They never do … right?

And now your friend seems different. All of a sudden, they are posting cute motivational pictures on Facebook. They are talking about dreams, visions, and goals for their future. They don’t have time to meet you at the bar because they are doing some kind of training or a presentation.

And they keep inviting you to their next presentation.

You already know the products can’t possibly be THAT good. All those “before and after” pictures are probably photo shopped. Nobody could possibly change that much from the latest magic potion, pill, or lotion. And household services or products? There’s no money in that stuff.

But they just keep inviting you. They keep sharing all these stories about results and income. They just met somebody who lost weight, grew eyebrows, made money, or just looks younger. You want to be polite but this is really starting to get to you. You could just tell them you’re not interested but you don’t want to be rude. They’re a good friend. Or, you think they used to be. So you just keep shaking your head, scrolling past their Facebook posts, and wondering when they are going to catch on.

Finally, in the interest or not completely shutting down the friendship, you agree to try the product or service. You can finally prove to yourself that this stuff can’t be  THAT good. Maybe you can talk some sense in to them.

So, you try the product. You actually love it. Somehow, the price doesn’t seem quite so outrageous. You actually start to see why your friend got so excited. There may be something to this deal, after all.

Now, don’t just dive in to the business without really thinking it through. Chances are you won’t make a ton of money. You could if you really put in the work, but that’s not for everybody. When you think about it, getting wholesale pricing on a product you genuinely love isn’t a bad deal. So, maybe this deal might make a little sense for you.

I mean, nobody really uses all that network marketing stuff, but it’s fun to think about, right? Anyway, before I sign off, I’m going to pour another cup of coffee, brush my teeth, take a quick shower, make a protein shake, maybe clean the kitchen, and do some more marketing using tools and products I got from various network marketing companies.

If only this stuff worked …

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