Network Marketing Cause and Effect

network marketing cause and effectI see a lot of folks reversing the network marketing cause and effect. They join a business. They don’t do any real work. They don’t get paid (predictably) and then they quit because, “it didn’t work”.

It’s time to wake up. Nobody every just signs up for a network marketing company and then the money starts rolling in. For far too many people, filling out the registration form is the first and last action they ever take. And, then they whine saying, “It didn’t work”.

The network marketing cause and effect is:  Your work (cause) is what brings the effect (pay).

I hear from people on a regular basis who have the mindset that goes something like, “Well, if it paid, I would work it.”.

Look, if the company you are with is providing the product or service offered, and commission payments are being made, the missing piece in that “network marketing cause and effect” puzzle is you doing the work.

If you are actually DOING the work and still not seeing results, it may be time to get some better training, learn some new skills, and make some adjustments.

I have never seen a business that would pay without doing the work. I have never seen a job that would continue paying if the employee didn’t do the work. Network marketing is no different. If we want the pay, we need to be ready to do the actual work. For us, that work can be leveraged and is really pretty simple.

If we focus on traffic generation, lead generation, follow up, and building rapport, we can start to expect results.

Don’t just fill outa registration form, and then expect to see income. Be prepared to get the training, learn the skills, and follow through with the actual work. Everybody you have ever heard of or met that is experiencing network marketing success understands the network marketing cause and effect.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions. I check these boards often, and am happy to personally respond.

Yours In Success,

network marketing cause and effect

Brian Rooney

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