Does MLM Advertising Work?

does mlm advertising workA question I get pretty frequently is, “Does MLM Advertising Work?”. I can say, without a doubt, “Yes! It Does!”. The key is to do it right. This article will give you some good tips to help you get the best results.

One of the big mistakes I see in MLM Advertising is when people try to go straight for the sign-up. They actually advertise the registration page for their business opportunity. When this method doesn’t work, they think that MLM advertising doesn’t work. It may help to lay out the flow for effective mlm advertising.

The purpose of your ad is to capture someone’s attention. How do you know you captured their attention? They click your ad. If your ad is not getting clicks, it is time to re-write or redesign the ad.

When they do click your ad, the best option you can have is for them to be taken to your capture page. This is where they see a little more information and your offer to send them more information.

does mlm advertising workWhen they fill out the form, they are added to your follow up list. A smart network marketer will have a series of pre-written follow up letters to answer the most common questions and provide more information to their prospects.

Any ad I run takes interested parties (the people that click my ad) to my capture page. The capture page gives them a little more information, and offers a free report, free sample, etc… When they fill out the form, my autoresponder takes over sending my pre-written follow up letters.

This system is constantly generating me a steady flow of leads and sales.

This is why, when someone asks me, “Does MLM Advertising work?”, I can say, “Absolutely!”.

This does not mean that everyone who clicks my ad joins my business. The ad is just the first step in sorting through the masses.

As you read this article, there are ads being presented to you. If one captures your attention, you might click on it to learn more. If you see a registration form to join a company, you’ll most likely close the page and keep surfing. But if you see some enticing information and an offer to learn more, you just might fill out the form, right?

When you ask, “Does MLM Advertising work?”, you may hear two different answers. The professionals that learn to do it right know it works. They use mlm advertising to generate leads on a daily basis. The folks who don’t take the time to learn and do it right will tell you it doesn’t work.

Take the time to run your ads properly. Run split-run testing. Track the results. Make the changes. Your business will thank you for it!




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