Keys To Success as a TOAN Affiliate

One of the questions I get most often, especially from new TOAN members is, “How do I get people to join TOAN?”.

It’s a good question! You joined us here at TOAN to advertise your primary business with our powerful advertising system and you have hopefully set up your ads to start making that happen.

Your next goal then becomes referring other advertisers so that you can at least recoup your own monthly advertising costs, right? If you are a little more aggressive, you’d like to refer enough folks to make a little money like these folks did and if you’re really motivated, you want to build a considerable income along with qualifying for our cash bonuses!

Whatever your personal business goals, the steps to success are really the same: Invite people to view  your affiliate URL that contains our simple yet powerful video presentation.

Who should you invite?

  • Every network marketer you know (your upline and downline)
  • Every network marketer that sends you a pitch email.
  • Every network marketer that you find on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • Every person you know that is interested in building or finding a home based business.

It can be as simple as simply shooting them a quick message like this:

If you are serious about generating new leads for your network marketing business, you should take a look at this online advertising system that we are using:

[Include Your Affiliate Link Here]

I know folks want to believe that there is more to it but the key to success with any network marketing business, including TOAN, is to invite a lot of people to review the available information. Some will say “no”. Some will say “yes”. The more people you invite, the more people can say “yes” and the higher your own income can become.

Yes. It truly is that simple. Talk with any top earner from any company and you will find that they make a point of inviting people to view their presentation a LOT. Whether they have a very expensive program, a low-cost offer, a simple pay plan, a complicated pay plan, whether they’ve been at it for several years or if they just got started … the key to their success is that they are constantly inviting new people to view the information and following up with those who have seen the information.

So … invite as many people as you can to view your Video Affiliate URL (found in your back office) and watch your business grow!

Be sure to run at least an ad or two in your TOAN account for your TOAN Affiliate URL, too! You have the available ad space. Why not use it?


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