Automated Income Is A Myth

automated incomeAutomated income is a myth. Systems can be automated and leveraged. Teams can be leveraged. But if you stop working on your business, your business is going to tank.

Let’s start by talking about the idea of automated income. Too many people are out there pitching some sort of “set it and forget it” income. I have worked from home for over 20 years. I love working from home, and I highly encourage everyone to set up some sort of home based business even if it’s just on a part-time basis.

But here is the key: I WORK from home. In fact, I run multiple businesses from home. Building a successful home business lets you have a lot more flexibility in your life. Time off, vacation time, family time… no need to ask. Just do it. The trade-off is that you will still have to actually do the work. When people see my sitting at a pool, hanging out at a restaurant, or messing with my iPhone, they typically don’t realize I’m actually working.

What do I mean? While I do like to play games on my iPhone, most of the time, I am posting on social media, checking on customers, following up with prospects, or learning more about online business. My businesses are not generating automated income. The automation is what allows me to leverage my efforts.

For me, a typical work day means getting most of my “to do” stuff done before most folks have started breakfast. I check my emails, manage blogs, do the banking, pay bills, etc… And then, I focus my efforts on marketing, content creation, meetings, etc… While I am taking meetings and creating posts, my advertising is generating interest in my offers. My autoresponder is following up with those who are asking for information. Sales are coming in from around the world.

While it may look like automated income, the reality is that I have automated the processes that lead to income (sales) but I still actually do the work to drive traffic, do the research, make the adjustments, and continue to push my businesses forward.

I do get excited when I see a new prospect ask for information. I get really excited when I see new sales notifications coming in. When friends see me “geek out” about online income happening, they start thinking “automated income”. What they are really seeing is the ongoing leveraged result of the work I put in from advertising, lead generation, and followup.

Yours In Success,

automated income is a myth

Brian Rooney

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