3 Makes You Free

This article is designed to show you how simple and how powerful your account can be here at The Online Ad Network.

One of the key components to success in Network Marketing is understanding two concepts:

  1. What you are buying? If what you are paying for does not have value in and of itself, nothing else matters. Money games come and go. Companies that offer real products and/or services have a much better opportunity for real success and longevity. What you are buying when you join The Online Ad Network is: Advertising.

    Advertising is one of the oldest industries around. From newspapers to billboards, TV commercials to radio ads, airplane banners to direct mail … businesses need and USE advertising to build their customer base. With The Online Ad Network, we use the internet to display your text and banner ads to prospects around the world.

  2. What you are selling? I see a lot of people in the network marketing industry that are so focused on “recruiting” or “sponsoring” that they miss the concept of actually providing a valuable product and/or service. When you show prospects how your product or service can meet a need, help them achieve something they want, or just get them a good deal, your business will grow. You won’t be able to keep from recruiting or sponsoring new customers and/or distributors because they will see the VALUE in what you are presenting to them. As a result, your business will grow. What you are selling as a member of The Online Ad Network is: Advertising.

Let that sink in. If you are wanting to build a solid income with The Online Ad Network, it is important that you understand that you are in the advertising business! Network Marketing is simply the distribution and compensation system we use to build our customer base and reward our members for referring other advertisers. Like any other business on the planet, we know growth is driven by acquiring customers. We share the results of that growth by paying commissions when you refer other advertisers to our network.

The amount of money available to you is staggering when you really think about it. We are not guaranteeing any particular level of success. What we have done is create a platform that gives you an OPPORTUNITY to achieve whatever level of success you are willing to work for. This article is going to show you how to put in some work and put leverage in your favor as you WORK to build an outstanding income with The Online Ad Network by referring other advertisers and teaching / helping them to do the same.

Your first goal, as you work toward creating financial freedom for yourself, is to refer 3 other advertisers. This is done by inviting other network marketers to view your Affiliate URL so they can see how our system works to deliver their advertising.

When you refer 3, your commissions will be sufficient to offset the cost of your monthly advertising bill. So, at this point, your advertising is FREE every month that you and those 3 referrals stay active. For many, this is a great place to be. Free Advertising means no more overhead and you can continue to promote your primary business(es).

But we know there is more available. As  your network grows, your income grows with it. There are two ways you can continue building your network and I recommend you do BOTH if your  income goal is to do more than simply qualify for free advertising each month:

  1. Keep referring new advertisers.
  2. Help your team do the same.

Network Marketing is the shortcut to wealth creation. But you DO need to learn and apply the skills required to create that wealth. I want to encourage you to click the links above and spend a few minutes learning how to actually CREATE wealth with this industry. Get rid of the idea that somebody else is going to make you wealthy, or that you just need to get “lucky”. LEARN the skills used by the professionals. BECOME a professional.

The video for the 2nd item is designed to help you understand the math and concept of how to build your success teams that you can create as much wealth as you desire for yourself as an affiliate of  The Online Ad Network.




2 thoughts on “3 Makes You Free”

  1. Very good post Brian.

    When I see the price of ads in traffic exchanges, the number of impressions is tiny compared to the impressions we can get in TOAN!

    I’m getting 8,000 to 10,000 a DAY and the people who click do so because they WANT to read my ad, not because they have to!



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