How Do The Top TOAN Affiliates Do It?

Top TOAN AffiliatesChances are, you’ve seen our top TOAN affiliates reports. And, you may be wondering “How did they do that?”. How did these people create significant online income with such a simple system? I am going to show you what these affiliates have in common. You can decide if you want to create the same results for yourself.

Top TOAN Affiliates started like everyone else. They either saw an ad for our advertising service or they were invited by someone to take a look at our advertising service.

When they got the information, they made a decision to open an advertising account.

So, what did these folks do that put them in our Top TOAN Affiliate Reports?

There are a few key things they each have done. They are:

1) They run their ads. With TOAN, you can run up to 50 ads. If your are running 25 ads, you are short-circuiting your own success. If you are running 0 ads, you are just hoping to get lucky. Run your ads.

2) They build their lists. Whether you are running ads for your primary business or TOAN (it should be both), your ads should be directing prospects to a capture page. Every successful marketer I know (and I do mean EVERY successful marketer I know) builds their prospect lists and follows up constantly.

3) They are personally involved in creating their success. When you look at our Top Affiliate Earner reports, you see names like Didi Wargo, Ben Olszewski, Jean Francois Mineo, Louis Paquette, Carlos Cruz, Ken Nairne, Brenda de Reus, and many more.

I have NEVER received an email from any of these folks asking me why their upline or sponsor isn’t doing more. They are all too busy CREATING success.

They aren’t looking for spillover. They are too busy CREATING spillover by building their lists, following up, and training their teams.

In fact, I know that many of these Top TOAN Affiliates NEVER hear from their upline or sponsor. They just keep building their TOAN business. They just keep using their advertising to promote their primary business. They just keep teaching their referrals to do the same.

Do you want to be a Top TOAN Affiliate? Do these things. Be consistent. Create Results. You will see your name appear on the list in an upcoming update!

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