Can You Get Rich with TOAN?

get rich with toanRecently, a prospect I was talking to asked, “Can you get rich with TOAN?”. He certainly wasn’t the only one to ask so I thought this would be a good time to post this article for everyone.

Understand that you can absolutely create a significant income with TOAN. As for whether or not you can get rich with TOAN, I would recommend that your wealth creation activities are better focused on your primary business.

My advice for anyone working with us here at The Online Ad Network (TOAN) is to

  1. set up your ads to promote your primary business capture page.
  2. set up at least a few ads to promote a TOAN capture page.

Now you’re generating leads for both!

Your first goal here is to qualify for free advertising. How do you qualify for free advertising? Fill up your first level with three referrals. Right now, I’m willing to bet you can think of 10 – 20 people who are involved with network marketing and need more leads. Show them how to generate leads by advertising with us and give them your TOAN Affiliate URL.

Once your first level is filled, you are earning enough in commissions to make your advertising effectively “free”. Help your 3 do the same, and your advertising is now making you a little profit. Add the commissions you earn from building your primary business, and you are winning in a big way.

Then, it’s a matter of continuing to follow that same system, and teach your referrals to do the same.

Can you get rich with TOAN? These Affiliates have earned considerable income by following the steps given above:

TOAN top income earners

Can you do the same? Why not? If someone can, anybody can. And, yes … that means YOU!

I should point out that if you are waiting for spillover or for your upline to make you rich, you are not going to get rich with TOAN. You can make a little money and if that’s your goal, then you’re all good. If your goal is to create significant wealth, be prepared to put in some work.

The key is to be consistent, be active, and be professional.


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