How To Build MLM Momentum

Build MLM MomentumI am often asked how to build MLM momentum. This question comes from people just getting started and from people who have been around the world of MLM for a while.

The new people are excited and ready to get things moving. They want to build that MLM momentum and get their business making money as soon as possible.

The folks who have been around for a while have started thinking, “I really need to get things moving” or maybe “I’ve got to get back to work on creating some financial freedom” or even “I have got to breathe some new life in to this group and get things moving, again.”

Either way, the answer is always the same. It’s  a 2 step process that goes like this:

Step 1: Sponsor new members.

Step 2: Keep doing Step 1.

The reality of this business is that people quit. They quit way too soon. They quit after being around for a while and just not doing much. When people ask me why this happens, I follow Jim Rohn’s advice and say, “I wouldn’t sign up for that class!”. It doesn’t really matter why they quit. What we have to know, as MLM leaders, is that people do quit and the way we build our business is to follow the two steps:

Step 1: Sponsor new members.

Step 2: Keep doing Step 1.

I’ve been full time in this industry for over 18 years and I still am focusing on bringing in new referrals. I work with other leaders who are also focused on bringing in new referrals. I do webinars with them. I communicate with them. And I keep working on attracting new referrals.

We can’t actually “make” anyone join. We can’t actually “make” them stay involved. We can’t actually “make” them do the work it takes to succeed.

What we CAN do is focus on bringing in new referrals and helping those that DO want to do the work. While we are doing that, folks are going to quit.  Keep your focus on bringing in new business and working with the actual WORKERS on your team.

It may help to remember that your income is based on sales volume. Sales come from bringing in new customers and keeping repeat customers. There is no commission or bonus attached to constantly begging people to stay, trying to force someone to take action, etc…

Every time I talk with a real MLM Leader, they are ALWAYS talking about two things:

Bringing in new referrals
Working with their referrals who are ready to work.

If you are truly wanting to build MLM momentum, focus on those two steps. In the process, you will find others who are also committed and you and work with them to help them do the same.  You just might bring in the next top producer in your company. That is when real momentum starts.

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2 thoughts on “How To Build MLM Momentum”

  1. Great article. Network marketing is truly a numbers game. It’s important to have a daily plan of action. Being consitant is crucial. Get leads to your website, have your follow up email campaigns set up and If possible, have a system where you get notifications when someone opens up a video on your site, etc. Be sure to contact those hot leads.

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