A Word About Team Builds

network marketingLately, I have had a number of Affiliates ask me things like “What team build should I join?” or “Why do you like this team better than that team?”. So, I feel the time has come for me to make a few things as clear as I can.

To start with, I have no problem with the idea of a “team build”. A group of folks that wants to work together to the benefit of each participating member is a good thing for everyone involved.

Having said that, I also want to make it abundantly clear that I do not, have not, and will not endorse any particular team over another.

I enjoy celebrating the success of any and every Affiliate who is achieving success with our system to advertise their business. I will continue to celebrate the success of any and all Affiliates who are successfully advertising and effectively referring other businesses and Affiliates to do the same. We celebrate these successes in our Facebook Group and in posts like these:

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We want ALL of our customers to experience success with our system. We live on a big planet with millions upon millions of potential customers. Build your income by sharing this system with other businesses.

Are you a Team Leader? Teach your members how to effectively use these tools to attract new prospects to their business. Actually work WITH your team to help them CREATE results in THEIR business You’ll grow. Your team will grow. Everybody wins.

The Online Ad Network does not formally recognize, celebrate, or endorse any particular “team build”. Your best opportunity for success as an Affiliate of The Online Ad Network is to take advantage of our training and learn to put these powerful tools to use in YOUR business. This can be done regardless of who your sponsor is.

We regular celebrate the success of our Affiliates and will continue to do so as that Affiliate reaches various benchmarks in their business growth. If you are working together with a particular group, encourage and support one another to follow our simple steps to achieve success.

Be courteous and respectful to all members of The Online Ad Network as we all share a common goal of wanting to grow our businesses. Used properly, this system can help you do that very thing.

A word about “Predatory” recruiting: Anyone deemed to be encouraging someone to switch sponsors, open a new account, etc… in order to join a particular team build will be subject to termination. Build YOUR Team. Do NOT, under any circumstances, encourage someone to switch sponsors to move under you in your team.

Brian Rooney

6 thoughts on “A Word About Team Builds”

  1. I am glad to read what you have written above, Brian. Endless competition and predation only lead to endless waste of energy and loss of potential. There are millions of people in our market, and if those of us in this niche cooperate, we can build with and for each other with a better outcome for all. In addition to that, no “team” can truly guarantee to give everyone good results, as it is mathematically impossible. It’s best to set up a good system and help your members/downlines to learn how to promote for themselves. With TrafficWave and The Online Ad Network, the best way to help others is simply to be the best you can be. If you do well, you will be sending spillover to your downlines, so your success is their success too.

    • Thanks, Carol!

      Any team can be successful when everyone involved is WORKING TOGETHER. Any team that is relying on the team leader to do the work isn’t really a team. I think of that more as a “welfare group”.

      When I coached basketball, our team won when EVERYBODY did what needed to be done.

      Same holds true in this business. The team that WORKS together is doing to do very well. The key is: DO THE WORK!

      Post your ads. Share your links. Invite other networkers.

      Simple stuff, really.

  2. For a long time I tried to do things alone and it is pretty dispiriting, so I love the idea of team builds. However, I would advise people not to join the first team they see. Do your research. A good team leader will have a way to contact him or her personally before you join. I’ve always thought that a good test is just to wait and see how long they take to respond. My simple rule is the quicker the response, the more likely the support will be good. If you are new to marketing online, ask them if they have any non-company banners/ads/email swipes you can use. Too many people just copy what’s on offer but originality is the name of the game with online marketing. Finally, don’t give up! There is so much nonsense ‘out there’ about earning thousand in days that people believe it’s possible. It ain’t. Follow the simple advise to success that Brian suggests and do it regularly and often. With hard work (yes, it’s needed), you should be getting one or two signups a month and in no time at all, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. How many people achieve that with 30 years of hard work in a J.O.B?


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