What Makes This MLM Advertising Source So Good?

What Makes This MLM Advertising Source So Good?

MLM Advertising SourceI often receive emails asking me exactly where we advertise to get visitors to see your ads.

Of course, I’m not going to give away the “secret recipe” but anyone that wants to see what kind of reach TheOnlineAdNetwork.com has can do just a bit of research to understand why your network marketing ads are enjoying so much high quality exposure.

Our site is highly indexed by Google and enjoys high quality traffic consisting of both new and repeat visitors.

Successful advertising is about reach. In other words, how many people can we get your offers in front of? The key is to reach deep enough in to your target market to bring in highly targeted visitors.

Your ads are displayed throughout multiple blogs and web sites as well as being displayed here at TheOnlineAdNetwork.com. Future plans include even more web sites and blogs displaying your ads as well as offline advertising in a variety of forms.

The goal is to continually bring you high quality exposure for your offers.

At any given point in time, there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide researching information related to network marketing, mlm, home based businesses, and making money from home.

By advertising your opportunity here with TheOnlineAdNetwork.com, you are able to make sure your offer gets seen by some of the most highly targeted prospects available! This strong mlm advertising source is ready to show your ads to targeted visitors.

It’s one of those ideas that really just makes sense!

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23 thoughts on “What Makes This MLM Advertising Source So Good?”

  1. By checking Alexa, it’s easy to see that TheOnlineAdNetwork.com ranks in the top 40,000 sites in the world as of October 29, 2012.

    You might want to check it again I show 142,169. Thought you might have made a mistake.



    • You’re referring to the overall number based on the past several months.

      I’m referring to the most recent numbers over the past few days.

      If you look at the Alexa Badge on the site, at this moment is shows: 134,532.
      If you click on the Alexa Badge, the Alexa stats show 94,179 over the past 1 month.
      If you look in to the detailed stats, you see that we are currently operating within the top 40,000 – 50,000 range.

  2. Hi I am very impressed with this system so far is getting over 200 impression per day now. I just looked at the Alexa rating it is at Global 36,595 and 10,088.

    The price is terriffic for what we get for the buck.

  3. Hey Thanks Brian,
    for the update on how our ads are getting the exposure for your porgram.

    Glad I signed up here, now onto promoting my Toan link’s for more traffic and more Moola !


  4. The Online Ad Network allows me to create and test unlimited ads. I am able to see which ads get the most clicks so that I only Pay to Advertise winning ads if I choose to post the same ad somewhere else.

  5. Hi Brian.
    I’m new to TOAN and really loving your UNLIMITED advertising.
    I do have one question though…
    Do we have to submit our ads each month or does the system save them for re-use?

    I have added tons of banners and it’s taking me ages to get them all added.
    Please don’t tell me I have to start over again next month.

    Thanks in advance.

    • You don’t have to resubmit new ads each month but you do have to renew them as they expire. It is less time consuming then making new ads but if you have lots of ads it does take time to renew them all as they expire.

      • It’s not that much effort. Really it only takes 3 clicks to renew an ad.
        It takes me longer to scroll up and down the page than renew with clicks.

        I could change my screen resolution and not have to scroll at all but my old eyes need bigger fonts to see clearly.

        For the money I am saving and fantastic CTR, “Click Through Rates” by not having to got to Google for Pay-Per-Click it is well worth the few minutes a month to renew an ad; banner or text.

        • Thanks for your reply Bruce Nelkin.
          And to you too Justin Hobson.
          I’m truly loving TOAN and know I will love it all the more now I know I don’t have to resubmit month after month. I think I can handle a 3 click renew and will now go add even more ads.
          Also thanks for the tip about resizing the screen to reduce scrolling, never though of that, and will be using it more in all my ads sites.
          Take care both of you and much success with your advertising.

  6. The Online Ad Network is really an amazing business. Everyone can use more advertising online no matter what they are doing. The only bonus to the consistent daily advertising that TOAN provides is the income opportunity. As more and more members join the advertising will only get bigger and better!

  7. It’s not that much effort. Really it only takes 3 clicks to renew an ad.
    It takes me longer to scroll up and down the page than renew with clicks.

    I could change my screen resolution and not have to scroll at all but my old eyes need bigger fonts to see clearly.

  8. I joined toan about a week ago. I can not say much about it yet, because I just started. But I see in the stats that exposure and clicks are going up. Statistics page is great. You can see which advertising is effective and which not so much. I see that my websites are being visited by people clicking the ads. For now I can say that it is effective regarding visits. For sales I can not say anything at this point, still too early..


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