Who Is The Best MLM Sponsor?

best mlm sponsorWho Is The Best MLM Sponsor? It’s a question we get a lot. I get why someone would ask. We all want to work with someone who can help us succeed, so we look for the best mlm sponsor we can find.

So, who is the best MLM sponsor for you? If you are looking for someone to build your business for you, I can pretty much guarantee you are going to be disappointed and will, most likely, continue on the spinning wheel jumping from program to program trying to get “lucky”.

For me, the best MLM sponsor is the sponsor that is focused on building a business and will lead by example as they teach you to build your business. You will work together, of course. But they will be your “guide” through the journey of building your MLM business; not the person actually building your business.

The best MLM sponsor will be able to redirect you to solid company resources, show you how they are applying those resources, and give you personal examples of how they are actually applying the training to build a business.

Notice I haven’t mentioned anything about the best mlm sponsor building your business for you, focusing on creating spillover for you, or constantly hammering you about helping them reach their goals.

The best of the best are really doing a few things consistently:

LEARNING how to build the business.

DOING the things they learned.

TEACHING others who want to create the same results.

This is how and why top income earners keep showing up on the leader boards. They are constantly learning, doing, and teaching. The best mlm sponsor is looking for the next person that is ready to learn and do what is being taught.

There is no sponsor in the entire world who is thinking, “Gosh … where can I find someone that will wait on me to do all their work for them?” What they are looking for is the next person that is ready to lock arms, work together, and build an empire.

So, the next and more important question for you is this: Are you looking to find or become the best mlm sponsor? Your success will be dramatically impacted by how you answer that very question.

Brian Rooney
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