TOAN Now Accepting Bitcoin!

Bitcoin MLM Advertising

bitcoin mlmNow, new advertisers can open their advertising account with Bitcoin, current advertisers can switch to Bitcoin, and advertisers can join Our Team Build with Bitcoin.

More and more businesses are now accepting Bitcoin and The Online Ad Network is happy to be among them. With recent Paypal developments, it really just makes good sense to provide alternatives to our advertisers around the world.

To join as a new advertiser using Bitcoin: When you are on the referral page, select the Bitcoin option. After your payment is made, you will be taken to a form to fill out so we can manually confirm and set up your advertising account.

To switch to Bitcoin from any of our other payment options, log in to your account and click “Support / Questions” for the instructions on switching over to Bitpay.

To join Our Team Build using Bitcoin, log in to your account, click “Our Team Build” and select the Bitcoin option.

Bitcoin payments are manually verified. Be sure to complete the forms and provide all of the requested information to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.

To learn more about Bitcoin and how businesses are adopting it, check out:


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