Targeted MLM Leads Help Your Business Grow

Targeted MLM Leads – Grow  Your Business

targeted mlm leadsTargeted MLM Leads are the life blood of any mlm business. Finding these leads is one of the biggest challenge for any network marketing professional. Where do you find people who are genuinely as interested in building a home based business like you are?

You always have the option of working with any of the available lead companies that will quickly sell you a list of what they call “fresh prospects”. (I’ve always thought “Fresh” was a great way to describe bread.)

The down side is that your list will most likely be sold to other network marketers who are trying to pitch their own opportunity. Why pay for a list that just puts you in competition with others in your field?

Your best option for finding targeted mlm leads is to generate them yourself.

Who would you rather talk to?

  • Option A: Someone who isn’t expecting your call but took 3 similar calls over the past few days?
  • Option B: Someone who reached out to you after reviewing your basic information and has a few questions.

Personally, I prefer Option B and this is why I use online advertising and email marketing tools to generate the best targeted mlm leads available. These are people who saw one of my ads online, visited my blog, and filled out a form asking for information about my business.

Did it work? I’ve been full-time in the industry for more than 17 years and I didn’t have to bug friends and family to make it happen.

The process is really simple:

  1. I created a series of autoresponder letters that would be used to follow up with anyone that requested more information.
  2. I added a capture form to my web site so that folks could fill out the form to request the information.
  3. I started driving traffic to my web site. One of the ways I drive traffic is by advertising right here on this very site, as well as other sites, and social media networks.

When someone fills out my form, my autoresponder takes over and follows up with them, sending basic information and links to videos that explain things in more detail.

By the time they reach out to me, they have pretty well made up their mind that they want to work with me. From there, it is usually just a matter of them asking me a few questions and having me help them get started.

If you are serious about generating real targeted mlm leads and building your business, I highly recommend you add online advertising and an email marketing autoresponder to your web site or blog so your best prospects can reach out to you for more information.

To learn more about how to advertise on this site and increase your exposure to generate more targeted mlm leads, fill out the form, below:

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