If You Want It – Learn It

We are simply out of excuses. There is so much information available to us that there just is no valid reason for us to not learn whatever it is that we want or need to know.

Want to learn to play an instrument? You can.

Want to learn how to be a better lover? You can.

Want to learn how to become a better speaker? You can.

Network Marketing – Success Myths

Have you ever wondered what separates the successful professionals from the broke amateurs in network marketing?

There are a lot of books out there that try to reveal the so-called “mystery” about network marketing success. Read on to learn more …

Why We Celebrate The Success of Others in MLM

Have you ever wondered why we share success stories about other network marketers? There are a few reasons, really. 1) THEY EARNED IT! They’ve worked on their business to achieve whatever level of success they are at. 2) IT FEELS GREAT! Everybody likes a nice bit of recognition for their efforts! Somehow, once you’ve tasted … Read more

The Role of Patience in Network Marketing

Patience In Network Marketing I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among folks that call themselves “network marketers”. Somewhere along the line, people are starting to get the expectation that network marketing, whether done online or offline, is a matter of opening an account with some flashy program and then just waiting for the money to come … Read more

Is a Home Based Business Right For You?

Is a home based business right for you? As you are considering the possibility of starting your own home based business, it makes sense that you will have some questions. Questions are all a part of the process and you have every right (and responsibility) to get your questions answered. The key is to make … Read more

What’s Wrong With Network Marketing?

What’s wrong with network marketing? This proven marketing method is being used by companies in a wide variety of industries to boost sales revenues and help individuals achieve their own version of The American Dream. So why does network marketing get such a bad rap?

Top 10 Reasons to start your own home based business

This post is written to show what I consider to be the Top 10 Reasons to start your own home based business. You certainly don’t need this blog to explain that there are a lot of changes happening in the world, today. Corporate layoffs continue at an alarming rate. The idea of “Job Security” is rapidly becoming a distant memory. It’s not all bad news, though. More and more people are discovering the benefits of starting and operating a home based business. There can be any number of reasons for starting a business from your home.