Stop Trying To Convince People You Are Rich If You Aren’t!

BrianRooneyLet’s get down to it. If you’re not actually making at least 5 figures a month in your network marketing business, stop acting like you are! Stop trying to convince people you’re richer than you are with fake photos and ridiculous claims!

I see people on here posting ads about how financially wealthy they are and they just got through sending me an email asking me to front them the money to join a simple $20 advertising program!

I understand that we all joined our various business opportunities in order to make more money. And that’s great! But if you are one of those folks that are out there posting ads about how much money you are making when you are actually struggling to pay your rent, you are not doing yourself or our amazing industry any favors.

It is ok that you’re not making a tremendous amount of money yet! The important thing is that you are working on your business and you are learning (if, indeed, you are letting someone teach you).

Instead of banging your own drum about how amazingly successful you are, when you and those around you know it’s not true, recognize that most folks are just like you when they start out.

I loved Jim Rohn’s story about how he used his regular job to pay his bills and he had a little side project that he worked on the weekends to create wealth. In his case, long after his “side project” had surpassed his job, he kept the job because he loved that story so much!

He didn’t lie. He simply stated that he held a regular job to cover his bills and had a side project to create wealth with his home based business. Then he would ask if they would like to hear about it. Most people wanted to hear about it!

Keep your enthusiasm! Keep your dedication! You will need them both. But drop the lies. Set yourself up to be and create a true success story by being honest with your prospects. When the day comes that the income from your home based business is more than your job, then you can make that decision and have an even stronger story to tell your prospects and your team!

When I first started tasting success in this industry, I was working multiple part-time jobs during the day and trying to learn and build my home based business in the evenings. It was challenging! It was also part of my journey and I make a point of sharing it with my prospects and team so that they know that success in network marketing comes when we put in the work; not when we fill  out a form to join.

5 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Convince People You Are Rich If You Aren’t!”

  1. This is an awesome post Brian and you are telling it like it is. When you are in business, you must get to know the people first when you interact with them online, and this takes time and very much worth it. You will prosper and be successful when you do it. ~Terri Pattio – MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart

  2. Many people look to get in on a multi-level marketing business early as they believe that is the likelihood of success. You do want to get in early; you can make a greater potential for higher earnings this way.


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