Why Share Your Network Marketing Success?

Many times, as I am working with new team members, we talk about sharing your network marketing success story.

Share Your Network Marketing SuccessWhy do I believe it is important to share your network marketing success story? Many people are watching the network marketing industry, your company, and your team. Many of these people are asking, “Does this stuff actually work?”. We can all tell the story about somebody who “tried one of those things” and “it didn’t work”.

But when we can begin to demonstrate our success (without bragging) I believe we are showing people, including our prospects and our team, that this network marketing thing actually does work. When someone hears about or reads about the success of others, it gives everyone more hope. Imagine helping your team by sharing your success with them.

I am not talking about bragging or showing off. I am talking about showing them how you are experiencing success in network marketing and showing your team how to follow your lead to get results in their business.

What makes a good network marketing success story? So then we begin talking about what makes a good success story. A lot of people who are new to network marketing think the good success stories only come when someone gets that new car or that new house. They like to see big fat checks with commas and lots of zeroes. Sure, those are fun, but you may already have an incredible success story without realizing it.

What if you just got paid your first commission and it was $20? That is actually a great success story to share with your team and your prospects. It’s a solid beginning and proves to your team and to your prospects that “that thing you told them about” is working. Of course, as your checks grow, you can share the continued and increased success stories as you go along. Never underestimate the power of a strong early beginning.

What if you have built your business to where you are earning $200 – $500 in monthly commissions? That is actually a very exciting story to share. Most families can change their lifestyle and stop worrying so much about bills with an additional $200 to $500 coming in every month. For some families, that $200 monthly income can help reduce credit card debt, maybe get some much needed repairs done, pay off a car, or even avoid bankruptcy. Let your team know about your success. This helps them start realizing, “Hey … if they did it, I can do it, too!” Your success will encourage your team.

Now, when you do have those big success stories, you want to share those, too! When I qualified for a Mercedes Benz bonus, I told everybody in my downline about it. Why? I wasn’t trying to show off. I wanted them to know it is possible to achieve that bonus level and that I was qualified and ready to help them do the same if they were ready to put in the work.

I told my prospects about it because many of them had been telling me, “Well, I’ll see how you do with it and if you do alright, I’ll look at getting in.”. So it just made sense that I told them about it. And I asked, “So, is this proof enough to you that this system works? Let’s get you started!”. And many of them did.

My point is this: Success creates more success. So share your success with your team and with your prospects. Not in a “Look at me and how awesome I am!” way, but in a way that is simply demonstrating, “I want you to see that this works and I am inviting you to partner with me and run together!”.

This way, when your team comes across that person who says, “Yeah, but I know a guy who did one of those deals and he didn’t do well.”, they can say, “I’m sorry to hear that. I’m actually working with a leader who has achieved (tell them about your success) and I am working with them to get these same results in my business.”. Your success story helps give your team members confidence.

Let your team know about your network marketing success. Make sure your team knows you are available to help them learn how to get results in their business. As they experience success, no matter how small, makes sure to share their success story with your team.

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