Now Hiring Licensed Life Insurance Agents

Now Hiring Licensed Life Insurance Agents.

now hiring licensed life insurance agentsIf you are a licensed life insurance agent or willing to study to get your license, I am inviting you to join my team. Right now, we are undergoing a massive surge in growth due to a number of factors including market timing and advances in technology.

Before we get in to some details, let’s make sure you understand a few things. This is a bona-fide opportunity within a 7 trillion dollar industry. What I am looking for are people who are motivated to put in some actual work to learn the industry and then focus on a proven system that is creating 5, 6, and 7 figure monthly incomes for big hitters.

The headline “Now Hiring Licensed Life Insurance Agents” caught your eye for some reason. Maybe you have a license but you aren’t really moving forward like you would like to be. Maybe you’ve wondered about getting in to the industry but didn’t know where to start. The good news is that we have the system and the results to prove its effectiveness. We can show you EXACTLY how to create solid income as a Producer and long-term residual income as an Agency Owner. We can even show you how to get licensed and start earning quickly.

Here are a few things I really enjoy about being a Licensed Life Insurance Agent with this team:

  1. I work from home. I don’t chase clients. I don’t go door to door. I don’t cold call. I call people back when they request information. I do my work online and I can work as many hours as I want to work from the comfort of my home office.
  2. I work with real professionals. If you have any experience with network marketing, you know that a lot of people just sign up and hope to get lucky. They don’t actually do any work and then want to blame you for their lack of results. In this industry, we still come across folks that don’t actually want to do the work and the system basically just removes them for you. I don’t spend any time convincing anyone to go to work. If they work, they get paid. If they make excuses, they typically just move on to the next pipe dream. (We all know the type.)
  3. I get to actually help families all over the country. When I get done helping a family get coverage, I typically hear, “Thank you. I’ve needed to get this done for a while. I appreciate you helping me get my family protected.” We aren’t convincing or manipulating anything. People actually WANT to protect their families. We just show them how to do it.
  4. We get paid insanely well for the amount of work we actually do. Yes, there is a lot to learn at first. You will spend more time learning the ins and outs of the industry and our system in the beginning. As you get better, you become more efficient. We literally have individual producers earning 6 figures annually working what many would describe as part-time. We also have agents building a team and earning 6 figures on a monthly basis. Where you want to fit within that range is completely up to you.

If you are a true self-motivated individual that would like to work with a real team dedicated to helping you succeed, I invite you to take a look at what we are doing and schedule an interview. Visit my site at for a brief overview of how our system is working. If you like what you see, set up a quick interview and we can talk further about deciding if this is right for you. (Available in the US, only).

Brian Rooney


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