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online advertisingAre you clear about what you want from your online advertising? If you, like many people, jump directly to  “sales”, you need to make an adjustment in your thinking! We all want more sales. That is  why we are advertising, but there is a shift in thinking that needs to happen if you want to get the most out of your advertising.

How do we do that? Decide, before you run your ad, what you want the visitor to do. Some folks run their advertising directly to a sales page. The sales page needs to be really REALLY good in order for this tactic to work. If you’ve got powerful compelling video or incredible sales copy, you might have good results taking visitors directly to a sales page.

Personally, I send my visitors to a capture page. I want the offer the visitors a free report so I can get their name and email address for follow up. When I do this, the visitor isn’t being asked to buy anything. They are, instead, being offered something free. In this case, a free report. In exchange for their name and email address, I will have the report sent directly to their email in box. That is the joy of autoresponders in action.

The biggest mistake I see is when someone directs their ad clicks directly to a registration page. No sales copy. No offer of information. Just a registration page.  I have yet to see anyone experience success taking an ad click directly to a registration page.

I highly recommend reviewing your ads to see what your visitors are seeing when they click your ads.  If you are taking them directly to a registration page, make changes fast! If you are taking them directly to a sales page, make sure the copy and/or video presentation is STRONG! You’ve got one chance to close that sale. for best results, I recommend taking your visitors to a capture page where you offer them something of value like a free report that is related to your product or service. Offer to send them your report and when they fill out the form, they are added to your email marketing list for followup and added sales opportunities!

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Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney

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