Life Insurance For Home Based Business Owners

life insuranceAre you looking for life insurance as a home based business owner? You started your business as a way to provide for your loved ones and you are making it happen. I commend you for your choice.

While it’s not a topic anyone enjoys, I believe it’s absolutely necessary you take steps to make sure your loved ones can stay in your home if you were to become critically ill or die. Along the way, things do happen that we don’t anticipate. When my wife of 27 years passed away, at the young age of 49, my world came to a grinding halt.

Sadly, we had no life insurance policy in place for her and the financial burden was quite a large burden to bear. If I could go back in time before that horrible event, I would tell myself, “Get a policy in place NOW.”

Life insurance is typically one of those things we believe is for “other people” or only available through an employer. Truth is, it is even easier for a home based business owner to qualify for coverage these days and to get started within a budget that doesn’t stress the bank account.

Ask yourself this question:

“What would my family do if I were to
become ill or pass away and my income
was no longer a part of the picture?”

If you aren’t sure, or you know they would struggle to keep up with mortgage payments and bills, we should talk.

From Mortgage Protection to Critical Illness and Final Expense, we have access to 40 carriers and will find you the right deal to take care of your family.

Life insurance doesn’t have to be a complicated or expense process. As a home based business owner, myself, I understand the unique situation you are in. Let’s set up a time to talk about how you can provide for your family after you’re gone.

Brian Rooney

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