Lessons Learned From Hurricane Harvey

The devastation experienced in South Texas from Hurricane Harvey will have an impact on many of our friends, loved ones, and strangers for months and years to come. My heart goes out to everyone impacted. There is much work to be done and, as we have all learned, the world continues spinning. Bills keep coming in the mail. Everybody still wants to eat.

There are many issues being faced all over the area and the topic I want to address in this article is income.

Every time I log on to Facebook, I am seeing another musician buddy lamenting the loss of gigs. The venues they were booked at are now closed. Friends can’t get to work. Their employer may be permanently out of business or temporarily closed while they recover. In each case, income has stopped entirely or slowed considerably.

This is one of the biggest reasons I believe in creating multiple income streams. Having a regular job is a good way to generate income. But when you lose that job, or can’t get to that job, the income stops. Playing music is something I enjoy immensely. And I cash every check I get. But when this storm hit, a lot of musicians found themselves with gigs getting canceled. And when gigs get canceled, income dries up.

Hurricane Harvey’s effects will be felt by many of us for years to come.

My plea for us all is that we look in to creating some sort of sideline income to help protect ourselves in times like these. Having an online business that operates around the globe allowed us and our affiliates to stay online and continue generating income via online sales throughout Hurricane Harvey‘s onslaught.

Is it fun to look at what is possible? Absolutely.

Is it fun to imagine high income levels with a home based business? I do it all the time. And I work on it.

But events like Hurricane Harvey serves as a harsh reminder that it just makes sense to create an additional income stream to help protect yourself against job loss from layoffs, downsizing, and natural disasters.

Depending on your particular situation, this may not be the best time for you to start a business. But, as you move forward, I encourage you to check out the ads on the site here. Click an ad that interests you and do some research. Ask questions of the advertiser. Start some sort of home based business, even if it’s on a part-time basis.

Feel free to post any questions you have here as a comment to this article, as well.

My prayers and thoughts are with everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey, the various fires around the world, and the storms headed our way. We can’t stop them from coming, but by planning ahead, we can do our part to lessen the impact on our lives when they do happen.

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Brian Rooney


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