How To Fail In MLM

fail in mlmHave you ever wondered how to fail in MLM? It’s easy to find information about how to succeed in MLM. (How reliable some of that information is can be a bit of a question, but that’s another article for another day). So, let’s dig in to what people do (or don’t do) that causes them to fail in mlm.

To be clear, I don’t believer anyone starts out with the goal of failing. When we sign up, we have a lot of excitement about what our new future might hold. Sadly, for many people, this is where they stop. They make filling out the registration form the last action they actually take toward building their business.

That’s kind of like enrolling for college, paying the tuition, and never showing up for class. That is a sure-fire guarantee that you won’t be passing and getting the degree, right?

But what about those folks who do go further than registering? What causes them to fail in mlm?

Much like the folks that register and never show up, these folks might show up for a bit of training but never really follow through beyond that. Later, when they are talking to friends, they might say, “Yeah, I watched all those videos” or “I read all those books” or even “I was at that training”, but still they fail in MLM. Why?

They didn’t actually APPLY the information consistently. Many of us in any network marketing company can probably open a drawer and find books, or quickly locate a file on our computer that offers a lot of great information. Maybe we even read it or watched the training. But, we aren’t actually DOING the stuff that was covered in there. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

The final reason I believe so many fail I MLM is: Lack of consistency.

Maybe we come out the gate hot and ready to rumble. We attend some trainings. We talk to people. We get told “no” by someone we just KNEW would get excited. So, we quit. We don’t just decide to give up. Instead, we suddenly become “too busy” for another presentation. We are too busy to run more ads or follow up or reach out to just one more potential team member.

When this happens, we didn’t actually fail in MLM. We just stopped working our business. The results caught up with us.

So, how do we flip this around to actually succeed in MLM?

Once we register, we start taking in the training. Once we read the information, watch the video, or attend the meeting, we actually DO the stuff we learned. As we are doing the stuff, we realize there will be setbacks. People will tell us “no”. They will tell us “yes” and actually not follow through. Our social circles will change. People we thought were friends will begin to avoid us. We will make new friends along the way if we keep going.

And, when you begin to experience success, some of those friends may start coming around, again. (Be careful with those).

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