How I Fired My Bosses

BrianRooneyOver the years, I’ve shared the story with people I’m talking to about how I was able to fire my bosses. The last “real job” I had was with an amazing company, working for an incredible business woman. She taught me a lot about how to enlarge my vision,  how to sell, and how to provide very well for my family. I can say without hesitation that this woman absolutely changed my life. If I had to get a job, again, I would want to work for her.

But I remember coming home from work and having my wife say things like, “Guess what the kids did, today!” And she would tell me about a number of experiences. Some experiences were amazing firsts, like a first word, a first step, a first bite of cereal. Others were “not as fun” like when my sons gave their sister a hair cut and colored in the bald spots with a marker! (This was one of those few times, I wished I had stayed at the office!)

As a father of 5, I remember thinking to myself, “This wasn’t the deal I signed up for.” I was making a great living but I was missing the most important elements of life. I wanted to be there for my children. I wanted to experience their firsts; not just hear about them!

So my wife and I made a decision to find a way that I could work from home. I quit my job WAY too soon and found myself back in the part-time multiple jobs world. I was working multiple part-time jobs, teaching music lessons, playing gigs on the weekend … and STILL trying to learn how to build a home based business.

There were times when I wouldn’t sleep for 2-3 days in a row because I would work all day and spend the evenings learning new stuff that I hoped would help me get free in my business.

I mapped out a set of goals for myself. They basically looked like this:

1) When my income reaches $______, I will fire Boss #1.

2) When my income reaches $______, I will fire Boss #2.

3) When my income reaches $______, I will fire Boss #3.

I worked … I worked … I worked some more. When I hit that first income goal, I fired Boss #1.

I kept working. I worked some more. When I hit that second income goal, I fired Boss #2.

I continued this process until I reached the happy day of no longer having any bosses!

I will never forget the look on each boss’s face when I told them, “I have to let you go”. It was priceless, I tell you! PRICELESS!

I still work. Some days, I work a crazy amount of hours. Some days, I hardly work any hours at all. The big difference is that I LOVE what I do. I love how I get to set my own schedule. And, most of all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that I was able to be involved in the lives of my 5 children on a daily basis!

My kids are all grown up now and they are on their own journey of being able to not have any bosses. They remember the days of watching me struggle, working like crazy, learning at night, and doing it all over again the next day. And they knew, even then, that I was working like that so that I could eventually reach a point in life where it would no longer be necessary.

There was no magic involved. There was no “miracle opportunity” or “easy button”. I had to learn and then put what I had learned in to action. I’m still learning, today!

If you’ve been looking for a way to fire your boss (or bosses), take a look through our home based business directory to see if you find something that will work for you. I can promise you this: The work you put in to creating a life you love is the most rewarding work you will ever do!


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