Home Based Business Makes Sense

Running a Home Based Business Makes Sense

home based business makes senseHere’s why running a home based business makes sense.

First, show me somebody who wouldn’t like some extra income coming in. We all would. The big challenge is figuring out how; especially if we already have a full-time job or multiple part-time jobs. Part of the appeal to running a home based business is flexibility. You can easily start and run a home based business part-time. Depending on your schedule, that may mean working on your business during the weekends or a few nights during the week.

Another big reason running a home based business makes sense is tax advantages. You will definitely want to consult a tax professional, but the fact is business owners get tax breaks that employees don’t have access to. In many cases, it’s simply a matter of some paperwork and how your expenses are tracked but you would be amazed at the tax benefits that are legally available to a home based business operator.

Safety is another reason that running a home based business makes sense. The job market is a scary place, these days. People are being laid off. Businesses are shutting down. There really is no such thing as “job security” any more. When you have a home based business, you are hedging your bets against a total loss of income in the event you become one of the latest job loss statistics.

In some cases, that part-time side hustle has been the difference between a family losing their home and being able to keep things going. Some people even transition to running a home based business full-time.

Whether you want to supplement your income, pay down some debt, or plan for retirement better, a home based business really does just make sense.

Brian Rooney

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  1. I made the decision to start a home based business well before 2000. My big motivation was to be around for my kids. Looking back, it was a fantastic decision and one I encourage everyone to get in to!


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