Does MLM Really Work?

Does MLM Really Work?

does mlm really workPeople often ask me, “Does MLM Really Work?”.  The answer is always “no” and “yes”. What do I mean? MLM is a business model. It gives you a framework to build from. But the actual “work” part comes from you and the effort you put in to it.

The people that put the work in can experience tremendous success. But this is where a lot of people miss a step. They sign up because they are drawn to what they believe will be “easy money”. The see the cars and the houses. They hear the stories. They read the testimonials. They think,  “This looks so easy! I should get a few friends to do this with me. We’ll get rich!”.

And they never actually take the time to learn the business. They don’t get the training. They get told “no” a few times and they give up. And then they start thinking “mlm doesn’t work” when the reality is that they didn’t do the work.

The work itself is really pretty simple. What we do is invite people to take a look at our opportunity, our products, our services. They get to choose whether or not they are interested. A lot of us get hung up in “needing” someone to say “yes”. All we are really doing is sorting through people to find those who are ready and willing to do the work.

Think about your own experiences. Over the years, you probably wondered: Does MLM Really Work? You probably attended a few meetings. You may have even joined a company or 7. But when things didn’t pan out, you quit, right? There were probably times when you thought, “Never again!” Many of your prospects are going through that same experience. They’re either in that “never again” mode, that “Let’s take a look” mode, or somewhere in between.

When it comes to prospecting, all you are really doing is trying to see where they are and if this is a good time for them to take a look at what you are offering. You will absolutely get a LOT more “no” than “yes” responses. The professionals know this. So they just keep sorting through. They talk to people in person. They generate leads online. They post on social media. They train. They learn new skills. They polish existing skills. They do all these things consistently.

And when you ask them, “Does MLM Really Work?”, they will typically tell you, “Well… if YOU do the work, it can be amazing!”.

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