Best MLM Leads – Cold Market or Warm Market Prospecting?

best mlm leadsAre you still trying to find the best mlm leads? When it comes to success in any network marketing business, there can be no denying that the top of your priority list should be prospecting.

Prospecting is a term used to describe the act of seeking out new customers and/or distributors to join your network marketing business, whether as customers or fellow distributors. When you stop prospecting, your business stops growing.

Opinions on the best way to handle prospecting appear to be clearly divided between two camps:

    • Warm Market: This is when you approach friends and family about your new product, service, or opportunity. Friends and family are considered to be “warm” because they already know you and will, hopefully, trust you enough to listen to your presentation. Often times, new network marketers discover that friends and family can often be the most resistant and even hostile to the idea of looking at your new network marketing business.Sometimes, your friends and family may have good reason to be skeptical. If you have bounced from one program to the other and you are still not making any money, your friends and family are going to be very hard to persuade.
    • Cold Market: This is when you approach complete strangers about your network marketing venture. This can be done via online advertising, newspaper ads, postcards, handing out business cards, or just walking up to complete strangers and asking them to sample your products.

Which of these two methods do you personally find to be most effective in your own mlm business?

The best MLM Leads you will ever find are those you generate yourself, either in your warm market or your cold market. Personally, I have used both methods effectively over the years. I talk to friends about my products and services when I identify someone that may make a good customer or distributor for my teams.

I’ve been known to strike up conversations with complete strangers after a gig, at a bar, restaurant, sporting event, mall, etc… Sometimes, I get a new customer. Sometimes, I get a new distributor. Sometimes, I get ignored and/or rejected entirely! But I’m pretty outgoing and I really enjoy talking to people. Either way, I’m having a good time when I do it.

I think my favorite approach, though, is my online lead generation strategy where I use online advertising to find people that want to know more. The advertising sends them to my capture pages. They can fill out the form to request more information and from there, my AutoResponder takes over with sending followup messages, inviting them to view online video presentations, etc…

By the time I actually speak to or hear from one of my online prospects, they are pretty well ready to get started. They just want to talk a bit, get some answers, and get a feel for what it might be like to work with me.

The point is … each of these methods is effective when done consistently. Choose one. Choose the other. Choose both. But DO them consistently to build your business and you will win!

Which method(s) do you prefer to build your prospect lists?

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