Being a Musician with a Home Based Business

work from homeMost folks I know don’t ask me why I started a home based business anymore. Most of the folks who know me have known me long enough and we are (most of us) old enough to understand why someone would make the decision to start and run a home based business rather than do the “9 to 5 grind” for 40 years.

Running a home based business doesn’t come with guarantees, of course, but when it’s done right, you don’t have to worry about things like getting laid off, having someone else keep you from rising up the ladder, asking for a raise, asking for time off, trying to get off early enough to make the gig, etc…

For me, running a home based business was and continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. When my kids were young, running my home based business meant I could be involved in their lives. It meant we could take family vacations together, pretty much any time we wanted. Not only did I not have to miss school events, plays, recitals, basketball games, and volleyball games; but I was actually able to play in some of the recitals with my daughter and coach basketball with my sons. Those are memories that can never be replaced.

When my wife became ill, the creation of residual income through my home based business meant I was able to focus on her and tend to her without having to run out on her during a chemo treatment or surgery because some nagging boss was holding my weekly (or is it “weakly”) paycheck over my head.

She ultimately lost the battle to cancer and is sorely missed by us all. But the joy of the memories we created is a beautiful thing. There are tears but so many smiles. I am so grateful to have had 27 beautiful years with an amazing and powerful woman. And I am incredibly grateful that having a home based business allowed us to enjoy our time together.

These days, my kids are grown and they have all moved out on their own. We are still very close, geographically and emotionally, and we love to get together as often as possible. Some of them even have their own home based businesses and my oldest is an aspiring and talented drummer.

These days, I now find myself more aggressively pursuing my love of playing music.

I’m a bass player in the Houston area and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to play with various bands and artists around town. Playing music lets me scratch that “artistic” itch in a way nothing else can. If you are a musician, I know you understand.

As I write this post, I am getting ready for a gig. Earlier today, the thought occurred to me that while I am on the gig, the income from my home based businesses will continue to flow. Leads will continue to be generated online, and folks from around the world will continue to learn about and potentially order from these businesses.

Having a home based business, for me, really is a great way to do life. Many musicians I know are in an “either/or” situation. They are making money with a job OR a gig. This means they are either making money while on the clock for a boss OR they are making money while on a gig with a band. Quite often, they punch in at work in the morning and then punch out (stop getting paid) to go set up for a gig.

Work is honorable and I admire anyone that is able to keep that sort of schedule. Some musicians are I know are absolutely hard workers. They hold down a full time job AND work in booking and playing with their bands. It’s an impressive work ethic but I really don’t like that both forms of income are completely linear. To make money on a job, you have to physically be at the job. To make money on a gig, you have to physically be at the gig. It’s exhausting!

Most of us play music because we just love it and cannot even imagine what life would be like without music. Sometimes, we get paid pretty well on the gig. Most times, we all kind of chuckle when we get paid and laugh (or cry) about how the pay scale for  local musicians hasn’t really increased since the mid 1970’s. Then … after we laugh … we sigh and think about that reality for just a moment. And that makes me even more grateful for a home based business.

I truly wish everyone I know would start up at least some sort of home based business on the side. Musicians, we all know how crazy the gig life can be. Some months are great. Some months are lean. We will keep gigging no matter what. We just love it. So, it really make sense in my book to use at least some of those day time hours and some of those off-night hours to build up some sort of sideline residual income through a home based business, doesn’t it?

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