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BrianRooneyNo real secret there but when you aren’t seeing results from your advertising, you start to sweat a little, right? You spent the money and now you want to see some sales … or leads … or visits … or all of the above, right?

A big question I get here at The Online Ad Network is: “What sort of results can I expect?”. The honest answer is, “I have no idea!”. I don’t have any way of knowing how effective their ad copy or banner design is going to be. I wish I knew how to tell someone how well their ad would do before it runs. That would be a great skill set to have, right?

Here is how it breaks down based on our own records:

We have advertisers here at The Online Ad Network are getting Click-Through-Rates (CTR) as high as 17.31%. This means that for every 100 ad displays, they get 17.31 clicks on their ads! If you are an experienced advertiser, you know that this is an incredible CTR and would love to see that happening with your ads, right!

We also have advertisers here that are getting a Click-Through-Rate of 0%. That means they are not getting any clicks, at all!

This means that with all of our advertisers, their ads are being shown through our network and their response rates range from as low as 0% to almost 18%!

Those advertisers that are getting strong CTR’s are thinking, “Man, The Online Ad Network is awesome! My ads are doing great!”.

Those advertisers with low CTR’s are thinking, “Man, The Online Ad Network stinks! My ads aren’t getting any clicks, at all!”

How does one explain the difference?

Banner Ad Design is certainly a factor. When you look at some of the ads here in our network, it’s easy to see that some banner ads are more  professional and more exciting than others. Take a look for yourself. Some of these banner ads really make you want to click to learn more and others are real sleepers, right?

Ad Copy and Headline are also factors. When you look through the text ads in our network, you see that some Headlines and Some Ad Copy are really strong while others are … well … real “yawners”. Some are poorly written. Some are too hypey. Some just don’t make any sense. Some don’t have a Call To Action of any kind. Some even have incorrect URL’s so if they DO get a click, the person goes to some sort of error page.

The good news is that you DO have a way to track your results and narrow down your options so that you are left with the ads that get you the best CTR. It’s called Split-Run Testing and it’s used by all the real advertising pro’s to remove the guess work and get down to the ads that return the best bang for their advertising buck.

I highly recommend the following article to learn more about how you can do split-run testing on your ads:

How To Split-Run Test Your Ads

I recently looked at one of our Advertising accounts where the advertiser was getting close to 18% CTR across their overall group of ads.

Some of the ads in this advertiser’s account were getting absolutely zero clicks. Other ads were getting over 50% CTR! Others ranged somewhere in between the two extremes so the overall average for this particular account was just under 18%.

What this tells me is that when you get the right balance with your design, ad copy, headline, call to action, etc… you can expect better results. And the only way I know to get that done is to conduct Split-Run Testing to narrow down your options.

Check out the article above and give it a try on your account to see if you can get your own CTR up and see better results with your own advertising.

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