Why Advertise Your Network Marketing Business Online

Should You Advertise Your Network Marketing Business Online?

Advertise Your Network Marketing Business OnlineI’m often asked which is better for prospecting: offline or online?

My answer is always the same: Both! I believe both online and offline prospecting can be effective. For this post, I’m going to explain why I think you should absolutely include online prospecting to build your network marketing business.

Scalability: You can test various advertising resources. When you start getting solid results, you can scale your efforts up to increase your lead flow.

Availability: Internet advertising allows you to set up a 24/7 funnel for generating targeted network marketing prospects. It’s still one of the greatest feelings to wake up, check email, and find that new leads have filled out the form on my lead generating web site!

Convenience: If you’re still working a regular job, it’s not always convenient to go out prospecting. But your web site is always up and your ads can always be running for you. This way, you can follow up with any leads on your schedule.

Generating network marketing leads online can be as simple as running classified ads or banner ads and directing anyone that clicks your ads to your own lead generating web site. Your site doesn’t even have to be al that “fancy”. Provide basic information outlining the benefits of your product, service, or opportunity, and provide a form that visitors can fill out to request more information.

It just makes sense to advertise your network marketing business online.

A big key to success is to make sure that you follow up with your leads personally and quickly. I can’t tell you how many times a prospect has been surprised to get a personal phone call from me within minutes of filling out my form online. This really helps separate you from the competition. Remember: The person that filled out your form was probably on a few other web sites on the same day.

Getting that prospect information is just the beginning. The real work of prospecting and building your network marketing team begins when you start the followup process.

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  1. I think advertisement utilizing Internet helps a lot. New Social media sites can help us make our marketing levels grow such as Facebook, LinkedIn, ChatChing, Twitter and may be it depends on how much they charge for their ads pages. Nice information.


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